About Ray

Ray is a real estate marketing expert, best-selling author, speaker, trainer, podcaster and entrepreneur.

He’s founder and CEO at Bestagents, a real estate marketing group. Co-Founder at LockedOn.com (real estate software),  Co-Founder at Jigglar.com (a creative marketing platform for agents) and podcaster at TopAgentsPlaybook.com

Ray is a 4th generation real estate agent and auctioneer from Melbourne Australia. His passion is helping agents grow their personal brand through technology, innovation, and great marketing. He is also the best selling author of How To Sell Your Home For More.

He is currently Involved with…


2Wood & Co old sepia photo copy 2

Hello!  I’m Ray. I grew up in a real estate family.  It was the business that provided everything we had and it was all we talked about.  Each day brought new real estate related tales and adventures shared around the family dinner table.

My father Bill, is a gifted marketer, auctioneer, and negotiator and there was always a deal in the wind or an interesting farm or property coming up for sale.

In 1980 my father co-founded the First National real estate group which is now the dominant co-operative style real estate marketing group in Australia and New Zealand.

I never met my great-grandfather, Henry Ashton (Harry) Wood. He died well before I was born. That’s him on the left in the photo above.

This shot was taken in 1918 at Swan Hill (Victoria Australia) and my grandfather Ray, a strapping 17 year old (and an excellent Australian Rules Football ‘tap’ ruckman from all reports) is on the right.  Their office was fairly basic with dirt floors and hessian walls.

In another 10 years the great depression would hit and young Ray’s business baptism would begin. My Dad, who joined the business in the early 50s says his father was an exceptional businessman who steered the company through many tough economic times.

I’m the eldest of 5 boys and 4 of us are in real estate.  In 2008, Wood & Co Swan Hill celebrated 100 years in business and today, the company thrives under the leadership of my brother Brian and his wife Lauren.

My father is my role model and mentor. When he took over the family business, he also had his fair share of challenges.  He is respected and loved by friends, family and clients.  I often find myself thinking… “What would Bill do?”

Here’s what I’m involved with right now:

  • In Australia and New Zealand, I’m founding CEO of Bestagents Management. Bestagents provides real estate professionals with brand affiliation, innovative marketing, business concepts and support. (Based in Sydney)
  • I’m a founding partner and National Marketing Director of LockedOn Interactive. LockedOn is intuitive cloud based contact management software to help real estate professionals convert contacts to cash by managing the before, during and after process with advanced client care.  We operate in Australia and New Zealand. (Based in Sydney)
  • In Canada & the US, I’m president and CEO of Bestagents Inc. which is the North American version of Bestagents Management. (Based in Toronto)
  • In 2015 I came up with the idea to create a special website where Bestagents members could create and edit real estate flyers, letters and cards. Now it’s Dec 2017 and we’re about to launch. More info at Jigglar.com
  • I have also ghost written a book for Bestagents members so they can promote their own brand. Find out more at RealEstateAuthors.net

Career Milestones, Highlights & Achievements

  • 1990 Started Wood Brothers Real Estate with Brother David In Armadale (Melbourne, Australia)
  • 1991 First Edition of How To Sell Your Home For More is published
  • 2000 How to Sell reaches 25,000 sales
  • 2004 How to Sell reaches 50,000 sales
  • 2005 Founded Bestagents
  • 2005 First Bestagents fully branded office opens in Wodonga Victoria
  • 2006 Sells out of a business partnership with brother David to focus on Bestagents full time
  • 2007 How to Sell reaches 75,000 sales
  • 2008 Moved to Canada
  • 2010 How to Sell reaches 105,000 sales
  • 2010 LockedOn Real Estate Software launched in Sydney
  • 2010 Partners with Sydney Real estate agent, Aaron Shiner to produce Aaron Shiner Live. The event sells out in Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne
  • 2011 Bestagents is incorporated in Australia as Realty Marketing Systems and Aaron Shiner becomes a partner
  • 2011 How to Sell reaches 140,000 sales
  • 2012 How to Sell reaches 165,000 sales
  • 2012 LockedOn Real Estate Software re-launches as Australia’s first cloud based real estate CRM.
  • 2013 How to Sell reaches 190,000 sales
  • 2014 Real Estate RECHARGE sells out in Sydney
  • 2014 How to Sell reaches 200,000 sales
  • 2014 LockedOn reaches more than 1000 individual user accounts
  • 2015 Bestagents Inc. launches in Canada
  • 2015 Jupiters Casino at Surfers Paradise Queensland is booked for Real Estate RECHARGE 2015.  The first Bestagents/LockedOn joint venture marketing event
  • 2015 Top Agents Playbook (The podcast and agents support website) launches in Australia, NZ, USA & Canada
  • 2015 Top Agents Playbook is the only Australian podcast to be named in the list of 20 of the best real estate podcasts
  • 2015 The concept of Jigglar is born on a train west of Sydney
  • 2016 Launched Advanced Personal 1 on 1 Coaching Program
  • 2017 The 2nd version of LockedOn is launched in December
  • 2017 Jigglar is launched in Australia & NZ
  • 2018 Jigglar is launched in USA & Canada


  • Bestselling Author: How to Sell Your Home for More (over 200,000 copies sold)
  • Developed Bestagents.  A highly successful Personal Marketing System for real estate agents
  • Ghost Writer for agents. RealEstateAuthors.net
  • Public speaking and events
  • Coach and mentor to Bestagents Members
  • Online marketing and social media for Bestagents Membership


  • The father of 3 wonderful people, Sam, Tori and Charlie.
  • Married to Christine and step dad to her awesome sons, Justin and Joey.
  • Live in Port Credit (Mississauga) Ontario Canada.
  • Into mountain biking, photography, cooking, traveling, playing guitar, coffee, the cottage, hanging with my kids and Christine!
My parents, Jenny and Bill. A class act!

My parents, Jenny and Bill. A class act!

Me with Sam, Tori and Charlie on 4 Mile Lake Ontario

Me with Sam, Tori and Charlie on 4 Mile Lake Ontario

With Christine in the loft of our Ski Chalet near Mount Saint Louis Ontario

With Christine in the loft of our Ski Chalet near Mount Saint Louis Ontario

Pumped and ready to present at our first RECHARGE event in Sydney. The LockedOn partners from left: Me, Luke Newton, Iain French & Aaron Shiner.

Pumped and ready to present at our first RECHARGE event in Sydney. The LockedOn partners from left: Me, Luke Newton, Iain French & Aaron Shiner.


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