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If you’re living large in the land of the long weekend or NZ, it’s Spring!

Winter is behind us, days are getting longer and the news is all about footy finals and Spring racing. Ahhh Two Stroke!

For those of us in real estate land it’s the start of our busiest selling season. More sellers more buyers more action. The run up to Christmas will be busy but VERY rewarding if we get it right.

Last week I was work-shopping ideas with a coaching client and we came up with (what I thought was) a very cool prospecting strategy. Today he emails me. Bang! 4 listing appointments and 3 listings.  I LOVE IT when a plan comes together.

Here’s what he did:

He called ALL his pipeline sellers (that included anyone who had even sniffed at the idea of selling in the coming year or two) and said:

“Hi. I just wanted to give you the heads up. It’s the very start of Spring which means more sellers will be coming onto the market toward the end of the month after the football finals are done. When this happens, buyers have a much larger choice which can have an effect on clearance rates and selling prices. I just wanted to let you know about it and suggest that if you’re planning a sale this year, you’re better off going sooner than later.”

You can tweak the specifics to suit your market and area but that’s the main theme. Spring is here. That means more buyers and prices could suffer. Seems to happen every year.

The two best motivators in the world are chance of gain and fear of loss.  This strategy (if delivered correctly) actions both.

By the way… if you’re interested in getting involved in my 90 Day Results Coaching, let me know. I have some places coming up in September and so far this year, I’ve gained some very powerful tools I can’t wait to share.  Message me privately for more info.  Cheers Ray

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Aaron and I just finished up a great web training session with National McGrath director Shad Hassen and the good news is that we recorded everything right here.

In this session Shad counts down the TOP 5 actions he attributes to his success.  (you might be surprised) Just press play!


During the session we offer a cheat sheet:  9 simple ‘tweaks’ to take your email open rate through the roof.  You can download that right here!

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