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1 ON 1 Coaching Call with Ray.

Here’s what to do next. 4 IMPORTANT steps. I value your time so let’s get the most from this we can. I want to deliver a high-value coaching experience to help you make an immediate difference.

Thanks for sharing your goals and challenges and if I’ve sent you this link, I’m interested to connect and see how I can help.

But first I need to show you how to set up our Coaching Session and how we’re going to connect. There’s no charge for this call. I’d like to learn a bit more about what you’re doing then give you some ideas and suggestions to help you get extra results in the next couple of months.

1. DOWNLOAD SKYPE  We’ll be meeting via Skype. Skype lets me send links live, share my screen, send images if needed and makes for a better coaching experience all round. If you don’t have a Skype account, use this link to download Skype onto your computer or device. There’s a useful video that tells you more when you click the link.

2. SEND ME A CONTACT REQUEST  Once you are set up on Skype, you need to forward a Contact Request to me so we can connect (otherwise we can’t meet). Search for me using my Skype ID which is bestagents. You will see me come up as Ray Wood Toronto Canada. If you’re struggling, use this link to learn more. Have a play with Skype and get used to it so we don’t spend the first 10 valuable minutes of our call setting you up 🙂  Most people get confused with audio in (microphone) and out (speakers) so you might want to look at the preferences in your computer and the preferences in Skype to make sure you have selected the right devices etc… (if you’re still struggling, just do what i do and do a search for your answer.

3. GRAB A TIME FOR OUR CALL  Use this link to book in a time for our call that suits you. I’m based in Toronto Canada so that’s why the time options will look a little strange depending on where you are. Once I see the appointment request, I can confirm and you’ll be sent a notification that we’re good to go

4. GETTING READY FOR OUR CALL  I’m really looking forward to our call and you’d like to know more, I’ll show you how my 1 ON 1 personal coaching and mentoring program works. But let’s see if we’re a match first.

Cheers Ray


“Regular meetings, realistic goals, a productive action list and enhanced accountability are the rewards I’m experiencing working with Ray. His systems, branding concepts and marketing ideas have given my wife and I the confidence to open our own agency and we’re off to a great start“ Mark O’Shea. Bendigo Bestagents. Bendigo, Victoria.

“Ray’s support in the last 12 months has had an impressive impact on our results and my personal productivity. He is always a reliable sounding board for a new idea and his ‘library’ of marketing concepts and winning marketing methods is without doubt the best I have ever seen. If you ever get the chance to work with him, do it! “ Mark Lands. Lands Real Estate. Adelaide, South Australia.

“When Ray and I set my personal results targets at the start of the year, I thought 40 sales was very ambitious. I had only done 30 in the 12 months prior. Today is December 8 and I have 39 sales in the bag and I’m hopeful of getting number 40 across the line next week. Working with Ray has been a real game changer for me. It’s an awesome mix of proven systems, focusing on priorities and personal productivity. It’s also given me immense confidence in my career and so many aspects of my life. Kevin Young. Harcourts. Brisbane, Queensland.

“We started working with Ray at the beginning of the year. Things were tough back then and quite a lot of the ideas we tried were not working. The strategies we’ve implemented since we started working with Ray are bearing fruit and results have never been better. We are a young company and need to grow quickly. Both our Sales and Property Management departments are excelling under Ray’s guidance and support” Anora Fairchild. Metro Property. Sydney, New South Wales

“The great thing about Ray’s coaching is that everything is so easy to implement. His direct mail and lead generators have widespread appeal with sellers everywhere because they promise and deliver such great value every time. Plus I make extra commission every month by following his ideas”  Daniel Mendes. Amber Werchon Property, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

“Personal one on one regular coaching and mentoring elevates accountability and is the fastest way to complete essential tasks and reach goals” Ray Wood


Ray’s private personal coaching program

Where do you want to take your business and personal brand?

This is results focused, advanced coaching covering the essentials of real estate success. Here’s a summary of what’s included and covered.

  • 60 minute one-on-0ne Skype call coaching sessions every 2 weeks
  • Teams or individual agents
  • Regular ongoing and unlimited support via email
  • Helping you bridge the gap between working out what you need to do and accessing the resources to make it happen
  • Setting a gross commission (GCI) annual goal
  • Breaking down the annual plan to quarterly, monthly and weekly actions required
  • Setting up accountability checks and support
  • Developing the very best mindset and motivational ‘state’ with proven tools and concepts
  • Assessing team structure and assisting with support and assistant (and virtual assistant) recruiting
  • Advising on the best CRM options and helping with forms and letter temples to automate client communication.
  • Defining, developing and marketing your personal brand
  • Building your online profile
  • Rights to access the Real Estate Author program. Your Book. Your Brand. Your Name. (more info here)
  • Building your personal brand using social media and building a following (Specifically Facebook and YouTube)
  • Developing a regular blog (the fastest way to build organic search and attract more traffic online)
  • Improving your overall Google search ranking
  • Leveraging technology to boost your brand and automate systems and client care
  • Fine tuning your Pre-Listing kit to ‘Pre-Sell’ you and your presentation
  • Developing a customized listing presentation with a proven history of high conversion
  • Coaching details are managed with a private and individual project inside so all communication is recorded and files, images, letters, artwork and concepts are kept in the one place for easy access 24/7.
  • Access to the Bestagents ‘Members Lounge’ which includes an extensive bank of tools, concepts and strategies.

How do you get involved and find out more?

If you haven’t done so already, please share your current challenges and future plans in this online questionnaire and we’ll be in touch to schedule a personal phone call with Ray.

“Ray is one of the best marketing guys going around. In a world of clutter and too much wasteful advertising, agents find themselves jumping from one gimmick to the next, with a scatter gun approach that doesn’t work. Ray’s message cuts through the haze to connect with the decision makers that matter the most.”  Garth Makowski. Harcourts. Campbelltown NSW

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Nobody can tax it or take it away from you … if you’ve maximized your talent, you’ve got a tremendous asset that can return tenfold.”
 Warren Buffett (The Oracle of Omaha and Investment Legend and really rich dude)

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