Private Client Group

Hello and welcome.

If you’re reading this then that means you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a member of my Private Client Group.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to “sell” you on the idea, but frankly…

This Isn’t For Everyone.

I know that sounds like some sort of attempt at “takeaway selling” …but that’s not my angle here.

The real reason I say it is because when some people see the word “Group” …they immediately think of the word “Mastermind” …and that’s not really what the Private Client Group is all about.

The main reason people join the Private Client Group is NOT because they want to meet, network, and exchange ideas with other successful agents, and I say that with the benefit of experience coaching top agents for the last 15 years. 

The real reason they join is to get one thing … 

Rapid Results and Continual Growth!

They don’t want 9,000 new ideas they can “test”.  (Who has time for that?)

They don’t want the latest theory or “hack”.

Instead, they want clarity and focus. They want to grow their business and brand without having to deal with stress, complexity or overwhelm.

Basically, they want me to figure out exactly what they should do …and then help them do it.

I call it …


Throughout my years of working with some of real estate’s top performers, I have come to know and understand ONE THING…

There’s always ONE big domino!

ONE “big thing” that when identified, will totally transform your business. 

And if you can find it and knock it down… Everything will change!

Let’s jump on a call together?

So here’s the thing…  I’m interested in discovering more about you and your business to see if I can identify and uncover an opportunity or two.

After you complete this short form, and if I think I can help, I’ll message you to set up a one on one call with me.  There’s no charge and who knows, maybe we’ll discover something you can start using today to get the changes you’ve been searching for.

At the very least, you’ll get a free coaching session and some ideas to apply straight away.

I’m looking forward to our call.


After we find that one big domino, the system comes into play.

The ‘system’ is anything and everything that either eliminates an unnecessary task or action or improves something essential to growth and winning extra business.

Over time and working with so many elite performers, I’ve assembled the very best tools, scripts, letters, flyers, presentations and the key marketing strategies that make good agents great.

The kind of agents I work with

  • Have already achieved relative success but
  • Don’t want to tread water, because they
  • Plan to take everything to the next level and
  • Respond well to a challenge and benefit from accountability


You know something? I understand what it’s like to work day after day working to grow your business.

It can be a lonely existence.

The relationships forged and friendships made with agents in my private client group have been very rewarding.

Nothing is off the table and it’s more like I’m a business partner you meet with each week to strategize and implement.

Warm regards,



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