Morning Power. How to leverage your most important high energy hours of the day and get stuff done.

Looking back, there was only one specific action responsible for turning Sarah’s real estate career around.

For years she struggled with the debilitating real estate condition called good-month-bad-month.

Her days were a blur of appointments and actions. At the end of each day, she was tired.

When she put her head on the pillow and slipped into that totally honest moment of self-assessment where she asked herself what she actually got done that day, she usually came up empty.

But how could that be? She was working her heart out. She started early and finished late. She returned calls promptly and took names religiously.

When we started working together, Sarah was frustrated and depressed.

She couldn’t understand why other agents in her area were so successful when we all have the same number of minutes in the day at our disposal.

Having worked with highly successful agents for many years and drawing on my own experience as a real estate professional and business owner, I was interested to dig deep and learn more about what Sarah actually did each day.

What obstacles or actions were preventing her from reaching her goals?

For two weeks, Sarah agreed to keep a daily action diary and record what she did hour by hour.

Two weeks later, she sent it to me.

Now just in case you’re wondering, the most productive and important daily action you can complete to help you get more listings and make more sales is prospecting. I’m not talking about walking around your neighbourhood dropping flyers in letter boxes prospecting… I’m talking on the phone, reaching out and connecting with people and engaging them with your awesome attitude, latest property news and infoirmation prospecting.

This is the very same prospecting that EVERY million dollar agent will tell you is essential if you want to be a million dollar agent.

I took a highlighter to highlight the prospecting activity in Sarah’s daily action diary for the last two weeks. My pen didn’t get much work.

Her diary was all over the place. There were lots of buyer appointments and calling buyers back.

There was one listing presentation. (Awesome) But there was a lot of ‘fluff’ and empty gaps that might have been anything.

What was missing was regular and solid prospecting activity. What I call the blue dollar actions that are a direct link to ka-ching!

My solution isn’t new and the obvious and abundant results that quickly come from quality prospecting on a daily basis are well known and documented.

My question is that if prospecting and career success are so clearly linked, why don’t more agents do it?

Speaking for myself and most people I know, the morning hours from 8 until 12 noon are by far the most energised.

Maybe it’s the coffee or maybe it’s just the way our body clocks work but AM Power is an undeniable fact.

So combining our most energised hours with our most vital and important tasks is a no brainer.

And there’s another big but simple reason to attack the essential career building actions earlier in the day… Stuff gets done!

Back to Sarah.

We worked at totally restructuring her day.

We started with completely and religiously blocking out 9am to 11am Monday to Friday.

We eliminated distractions in the form of Facebook and email by scheduling strict check in times.

We completely overhauled the buyer process by bringing in some very effective qualifying steps. (Her buyers actually loved this)

We looked at ways to delegate and outsource a heap of trivial admin tasks which freed up many hours each week.

We brought in systems for pre-listing and the listing presentation. We streamlined the weekend open home routine and changed the way she did her pre-closing/settlement appointments.

But most importantly, we gave the all essential dollar productive prospecting actions the priority they needed to help Sarah seek out more face-to-face potential seller meetings every week.

We set some pulse quickening targets and Sarah got to work.

She dedicated 9 to 11am each morning to calling her contacts. We created a few scripts she was confortable with and used a secret ingrediant.

At the end of week one…  zero.  And while she was a little dissapointed, she felt way more productive and please with her effort.

At the end of week 2 she had 2 listing appointments and things basically snowballed from there.

In 12 months, her results had more than doubled and today she is close to being the number one agent in her area.

Using AM Power to get stuff done is essential to success. Can I suggest you make it a ritual?

If you think you’d like to copy Sarah’s success, I’m happy to chat. Like anyting, the devil is in detail, but new people are doing it every day. If you would like to connect with me for a one-on-one, all I need is the answers to a few questions