TAP 142 Powerful paid traffic social media campaigns on a shoestring An interview with James Rembert

It looks like my Jigglar partners and I are heading to San Francisco again this fall for the National Association Of Realtors Annual Conference and Expo.

And an interesting side note… I couldn’t work out all the peace, love and flower power references around the event until I realized it’s 50 years this year since Woodstock and the height of the San Francisco anti-war peace marches. (not that I was around then but I Googled it)

The NAR conference is the largest real estate event in the world and if you haven’t been, it’s worth checking out. More info here.

And speaking of Jigglar, two things.  The Design Team has just published the 4 page Landlord Report which looks amazing.  I’ve written some generic copy for the back cover and the inside middle spread is a very cool infographic you can quickly edit to reflect your numbers.  I’ve already shared the template with some of my private coaching clients and feedback is very good.

The second bit of Jigglar news is that the TEAMs feature is now live.  Here’s how it works:  Let’s say you’re the admin or marketing manager of a team or a multi-office group.  You can create templates in Jigglar or edit our designs then simply post them to the TEAMS folder in your account where all team members can automatically access the customized template and add their specific details like photos and contact numbers.

And you don’t need to worry about your team altering brand-specific design elements because you have the option to lock down every shape, image, and word of your design.

If you don’t have a free account yet, getting one is as easy as booting up your browser and going to Jigglar.com

Well when it comes to online marketing to score seller leads, I’ve noticed agents are doing one of three things.  Nothing, paying big money to buy leads from the dominant real estate portals like Zillow.com or realestate.com.au or connecting with online marketing experts who specialize in getting leads at affordable rates mostly using social media.

My guest today is one such expert.

James Rembert markets himself as the Zillow Killer and with good reason because he offers a very cost-effective alternative to the online giant and he’s getting results.

Listen out for his specific targeting ideas and his hyperlocal strategy that’s getting listings for his clients.  Also, check out what James has to say about getting attention and building influence before expecting leads.  Makes a lot of sense and I’m confident every agent listening to this episode will get some valuable takeaways.

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