TAP 150 The Future of Real Estate Success Looks Like This! An Interview with Kenny Klaus

The real estate technology invasion is well underway with tech giants and startups everywhere trying to force their way between the agent and the seller.

In fact, I believe the changes we’re seeing and about to see represent the greatest shift in the real estate industry as billions of dollars continue to fuel an ever-growing number of direct-to-consumer start-up businesses competing with you for the attention of property sellers and buyers.

I don’t really see there’s anyone to blame here and not all startups succeed, but those that do are going beyond disrupter status to change the way real estate is being bought and sold. The simple fact is, that if you throw enough money at something, then sooner or later you’ll get traction.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the real estate agent’s role was purely transactional. You won the listing, you found a buyer, negotiated a contract, said sayonara and hoped the seller would call you if they ever needed to sell again.

Today, agents looking to stay relevant and compete against the Zillows, Redfins, Open Doors and iBuyers are left with little choice but to broaden their range of services to go well beyond the transaction and oversee and guide their clients through the complete buying and selling experience.

Phoenix Arizona is an affluent desert city of 1.7 million and the sprawling suburbs with high real estate turnover are a popular proving ground for the next big thing,

Staying relevant and staying in business is easier said than done so smart agents are looking for ways to increase market share, build relationships and go way beyond the transaction.

If you’ve listened to any of my shows before, you’ll know my real estate success formula is all about attracting the attention of consumers (and I’m talking about anyone in your community with a pulse) and continually providing relevant and valuable communication. So when the time comes to sell, they reach out to you instead of the app on their phone.

In today’s episode, we’re going to connect with one Phoenix agent who’s seen the writing on the wall and is making moves to attract his own local market traffic.

And the good news for us is that he’s ready and willing to share everything he knows and his mantra makes sense: When you look for ways to be more than just about the transaction good things can happen.

And wait until you hear what he’s doing!

I know many of you like to listen to some episodes more than once because there’s so much gold. I think this might be one of those.

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