TAP 162. Gary Vaynerchuk’s compelling advice for real estate agents.

This week I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, the Tim Ferris Show.

In this episode, Tim’s guest interviewer, a very interesting performance and longevity expert named Dr Peter Attia interviews legendary dealmaker and American billionaire Sam Zell.  I’ve put a link to this interview with Mr Zell in the shownotes for this episode and if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, investment and a whole raft of excellent business growth tips, make sure you check it out.

The story of how Mr Zell’s parents escaped across Russia just before Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland in 1939 is worth it alone.

But as I was listening to this amazing interview, it again hit me of the success so many immigrants enjoy in their new countries.

As an immigrant myself, I can somewhat understand some of the challenges newcomers face. To pick up and move at the age of 48 leaving my career, my amazing family and many friends behind is no easy thing let me tell you. But I’m not claiming hardship. For I have no idea when compared to so many hardship stories.

One of my favourite immigrants is marketing genius Gary Vaynerchuk. Those of you who know Gary will know that he doesn’t pull any punches and effectively communicates his ideas to an ever-growing fanbase.

I recorded the interview you’re about to hear a few years back when Gary was preparing to head to Australia for a series of talks.

I think his story is impressive and his journey from working in his father’s shop to his current role as the head of Vayner Media is beyond impressive.

He took his father’s liquor store in New Jersey from turnover of $3 to $60 million in just 5 years.

He’s now the head of his own company, Vayner Media, a Fortune 500 company that looks after the social media marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world with revenue now well over $100 million.

But before you switch channels because you don’t think this multi-million dollar career trajectory relates to you in any way, please hear me out because I truly believe there’s something here for you.

I’ve studied Gary’s ideas from the first time I saw him speak live in Las Vegas back in 2011.  I’ve read his books and soaked in his methods. I’ve admired his hussle his drive and his chutspah.

It’s because of Gary Vee that I started this podcast. He inspires me tremendously and he’s a powerful and very relevant thought leader in the marketing space as we know it.

He says he day trades attention which is a cool way of saying that he says and does things to get noticed.

Put simply, his pitch is that he wants to encourage us to embrace and leverage the social media opportunities and unique and different marketing ideas that are available to us in the new digital world.  He knows there are people out there ready to buy what we’re offering and these eyeballs are free or very cheap so he doesn’t understand why we’re all not doing it.

He wants us to make videos and podcasts and not be afraid to be different.  He wants us to be game enough to not conform. To have the courage to empower and promote others so that we too can benefit from an information and content-hungry world.

He wants us to create content, to share a dream, to tell a story to suffer humiliation and not be too proud to tell others and laugh at your own misfortune.

In other words, he wants us to be us… and share it.

You’ll find the youtube video for the 2011 RE/MAX Keynote I attended featuring Gary in Vagas in the shownotes for this episode together with the Tim Ferris Show interview link with Sam Zell.

And just a quick word on getting started.

Please don;t make the mistake of letting perfect get in the way of great.

I can 100% promise you that your first video will probably suck but who cares.  I can almost see some of my private coaching clients listing to this nodding their heads. But I’m so proud you guys had the courage to start.

I was so nervous recording this interview and you can hear it in my voice but look what I got back! An amazing one on one discussion with a hero and a truck load of great content.  I’m calling that a win.

I think you’re going to enjoy this!

The 2011 RE/MAX Las Vegas conference keynote Gary delivered in 2011

Tim Ferris Show.  Dr Peter Attia’s interview with Sam Zell