TAP 164. The Super-Agent Series. An Interview with James Baker

I’m delighted to present another interview in the super-agent series and my guest for this episode is currently ranked in the top 100 agents in Australia.

I define a super-agent as anyone earning more than a million dollars a year in gross commission.

These are the agents others look to for inspiration and ideas. They’re better organized, with better systems and a highly productive marketing plan that continually feeds their new business pipeline.

Today’s guest is a quiet achiever who sticks to the tasks that win results and I have a feeling you’re going to get a lot of takeaways from this episode.

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Sydney’s James Baker listed 47 homes in 2019 and sold 40 giving him a GCI number very close to $2 million.

James has a story that’s not unique in real estate success. He has a proven plan and it works so he keeps doing it.

Perhaps it’s the discipline and focus that keeps him on top year after year. After all, his area of Sydney’s Northern Beaches is some of the most highly-priced and sought after real estate in the world.

And where you find high-priced property, you find a very competitive local real estate industry with literally hundreds of agents all competing for business.

In this interview, you’ll discover how James cuts through to stand out from others, how he keeps his days-on-market low and how his loyal client base acts as his most important referral network.

James Baker. Corporate Profile and contact points

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