TAP 173. RE/MAX Canada’s Broker Of The Year is Leading The Way. An interview with Asif Khan.

Many thanks for the feedback and interest from last week’s show about the real estate marketing funnel I’ve built and the launch of the Bestagents Founders Membership.

In this week’s episode, I’m going to take you through the 3 critical stages of a dedicated real estate marketing funnel then you’re going to meet one of the nicest guys in real estate, RE/MAX Canada’s Broker of the year.

All that and more coming right up.

The funnel concept is simple. I can even ‘show’ you in a podcast episode like this:

Imagine a funnel.

In my mind it’s a red funnel. But it’s big. Say 1 metre or 3 feet in diameter at the top and 2 metres or 6 ft deep.

At the bottom it takes a right-hand turn for another 3 feet and at the end, money comes out in the form of listings and sales.

The real estate funnel is made up of 3 parts: First and obviously is leads coming into the top of your funnel.

Next is ‘nurture’ where your CRM takes over directing you to employ a range of innovative connectors like email, text, phone, hard mail and social media. This stage is critical because it’s warming up and building the relationship with your new contact. It’s also critical because it will determine your new contacts perception of you where, essentially, they’re asking themselves; Is this the agent I’ll be choosing to sell my property.

The third and final stage is often triggered by one of your CRM connectors. It’s the all-important listing stage.

This is where your hard work and investing in stages one and two of your funnel pays off.

The listing process is where you on-board your new client with a regular and digital pre-listing kit and industry best listing presentation

I’ve made a video that shows you exactly how the real estate funnel works. You can check it out at bestagentsinc.com/founders

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of connecting with RE/MAX Broker of the year, Asif Kahn.

A recipient of RE/MAX’s prestigious Diamond & Chairman’s awards plus Hall of Fame & Lifetime Achievement awards, Asif runs a highly successful team based in Markham just east of Toronto. He also co-hosts a weekly radio show called ON THE MARKET, on The Region which is 105.9FM.

In case you don’t know, Eastern Canada has a very strong RE/MAX presence and has done from the early days when the RE/MAX brand was just getting started.

That makes winning Broker of the year all that much harder. I was keen to learn some of the challenges Asif faces, and how he sets his agency apart.

We get into the key aspects of Asif’s brokerage that set him and his team apart including his charity and community work.

I think you’re going to like this episode. There are lots of valuable takeaways and I’d like to thank Asif for sharing so much awesome content.

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