TAP 174. My Secret Pre-Listing Email

What if a simple email to set up your listing presentation could totally swing the odds of winning the listing in your favor?

I was on a call with Bestagents member Kim Turner this morning.

Kim and I were workshopping some ideas and I shared something that has been very effective for a number of agents in my private client group.

In fact, I would say it has the power to supercharge your chances of winning more listings at presentation?

And it must be a secret because nobody eyes is doing it! 🙂

I’m also going to suggest this is a drop-everything-and do-right-now kind of thing!

In a sec I’ll give you a Pre-Listing email that’s killing it right now for one very specific reason… Your potential selling client gets to see your testimonials!

…PLUS I have a special kicker that will take your ‘authority’ through the roof.

Here’s the thing: Most agents don’t give potential selling clients their testimonials until AFTER the Presentation.