TAP 183. Meet a Real Estate Digital Mayor. An Interview with Trent Pool

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In case you’re wondering who am I and what do I do, I’m Ray Wood and I partner with modern real estate agents to attract, nurture and convert leads and show you how to become the local influencer in your real estate market.

I’m also excited to announce I have just published my latest book, which is a book full of my best listing ideas called The 7 Essential Prospecting Actions Blueprint.  You can download it here

This is not a one-page pdf of bullet-point tips, it’s the actual step-by-step blueprint real estate’s top agents are using right now to grow their market share by becoming a local influencer.

This week on the show I’m super-pumped to feature a great session with my good friend Trent Pool from Merimbula on the south coast of beautiful New South Wales.

Trent and I have been working together for many years and I wanted to share one of our regular meetings and take you deep inside his business which has grown from strength to strength in the last 8 years.

After our call, I started to think about the amazing transition that is happening in real estate right now and how modern agents are leveraging new tools and cleaning up while many are getting left behind.

The way Trent is using social media to attract and nurture new relationships is a great example. He understands where his people are and what they react to. He knows how to cause a social encounter and how to engage.

As you’ll discover in this session, he uses LockedON to store and communicate with all future sellers and Jigglar to build and customize all his marketing and social footprint templates.

Almost without knowing it, Trent has become a local influencer in his town of 3000 people or what I would call the digital mayor of Merimbula.

Becoming a local influencer is 2 main things: Knowing what to do and being consistent at it. Just posting to social media when you feel like it is not a plan that will yield fruit. In fact, if you’re doing that it’s probably costing you potential engagements and damaging your brand.

I think that right now presents one of the biggest opportunities to beat your competition at becoming a local influencer mainly because most of your competitors have no clue what to do or are getting poor advice from so-called marketing experts who charge crazy money for average or zero results

Right now, we’re focussing on the three social platforms that give us the best bang for our buck, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

The link to download your very own copy of my new prospecting blueprint is in the shownotes or you can grab it now at www.bestagentsinc.com/blueprint

Trent is living, breathing proof that leveraging social media has not only fast-tracked the success of his business but given him total dominance in his market. And how’s this for acknowledgement of his success?

…He recently told him one of his competitors called him up and to ask him what he’s doing to win so many more listings than any other agent in town. You gotta love that!