TAP 191. How to run two real estate businesses in two different states. An Interview with Trent Pool

Have you ever wanted to make a lifestyle move but not sure how it will affect your business? Maybe you want to move to a warmer place, a cooler place or closer to friends and family. In this episode, you’ll hear from someone who’s actually doing it and how he’s overcoming the challenges along the way.

In the years I’ve been working with Trent Pool, I’ve come to expect big things. His business dominates the Southern NSW city of Merimbula with a dedicated and hardworking team. Merimbula Realty is a highly successful real estate business model with a dynamic sales presence and a well-run property management division.

Trent is a systems guy. For example, he has leveraged LockedON as his CRM and Jigglar as his creative marketing platform right from the start and is constantly tweaking things to get more revs from his business engine.

A couple of years ago, Trent confided that he was planning to move his family to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and start a real estate business there. I naturally assumed this would mean selling Merimbula Realty but that’s not how Trent thinks. “Why would I sell it when everything is working so well?” he told me.

Earlier this year he acquired a small rent roll on the Sunshine Coast and made the move. I know agents that struggle to run one business let alone two but Trent’s energy and dynamic work ethic let him hit the ground running and the new business is already cranking out sales ahead of planned expectations!

I think there is so much value in this session today but what always stands out to me each time Trent and I connect is his hunger and personal drive plus a willingness to admit mistakes and share the lessons learned. I’m grateful to Trent for sharing his ideas. I know he has a growing following in our industry as he forever tweaks his business systems to strive for the ultimate real estate model