TAP 201. Finally …A Real Estate CRM That Does Everything! An Interview with Realia.me Co-Founder Zach Koerber

One CRM to rule them all!

If you’re sick and tired of ‘Frankenstiening’ digital platforms together to automate your real estate funnel and generate leads on autopilot then I have an idea.

I bet you want to FULLY AUTOMATE your business but getting all your online platforms to seamlessly connect is harder than winning the lottery!

And let’s not forget the time suck and tech rage you’ll suffer as you try to build your ‘monster’

C’mon, you’re not a nerdy coder, you’re a real estate agent who wants to dedicate every waking minute to getting listings and making sales.

You want to do what you love not what you hate!

Have you ever thought to yourself “Wow! It’s 2022. Why isn’t there one simple platform that can do everything I want without the time-wasting, frustration, tech rage and BS?”

Let’s say you want a complete system under one roof, one login and one domain that stores all your contacts, manages your leads with a state-of-the-art email and texting feature, offers a bunch of awesome landing pages, an epic-looking stand-alone personal website and custom websites for every listing.

These features don’t need add-ons or widgets to talk to each other because they ARE each other.

…and it’s not only a dream to drive, you get unlimited one-on-one zoom support calls whenever you want! Who the heck offers that??

And what if this WHOLE system was developed first for mobile (rapidly becoming the consumer weapon of choice) but also delivers the most amazing user experience on any hardware and browser?

Let me ask you a question. If the digital tool that does all this is available now, is SUPER affordable, and used by more than 7K raving-fan agents, would you not be prepared to crawl naked over broken glass to find out more?

In this interview with Realia.me founder Zach Koerber, you’ll get up close and personal with what I believe is the most feature-laden, real estate-specific CRM available today …and the really GREAT news is that this baby is so easy to use.

Check out Realia.me here

I’m so impressed with this platform that I have set up a very sweet deal for agents I’m working with. If you’d like more info, please email me at ray@bestagentsinc.com