TAP 209. A brilliant hack for changing your state-of-mind. An interview with Nicole Davidson.

I want you to try this because it works!

Our thinking controls our lives. It determines how we love, live, earn, play, create and work.

In fact, our state of mind is obviously central to all decisions made and, at the end of the day, our quality of life.

So what if you could ‘hack’ your thinking to rapidly get yourself back on track if you’re having a crappy day or just stewing over something that’s getting in the way of your success?

When I recently connected with Nicole Davidson, I felt like she had given me a special gift: The power to change my thinking and my state of mind whenever I wanted. Is that not a priceless possession?

Nicole Davidson is the founder of Growth to Success, a coach, a lover of conversations that matter, and an in-demand speaker.

The author of ‘How To Put the Balance in Your Business – An Owner’s Guide to Having it All’, Nicole helps real estate agents connect to the gold they have inside of them so they can show up more powerfully. Nicole is committed to helping real estate agents become the best version of themselves in order to successfully grow their business and navigate their careers on their own terms, while balancing the often-competing energies of work and life.

Nicole supports leaders and businesses to effectively harness the energy of their people to create workplaces in which everyone can bring the best of who they are.

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