TAP 216. What does your real estate brand do for you? An interview with Tim Wood (Part 1)

For the last few years, an increasing number of agents have been messaging me with questions about their career options and in particular, the importance of the ‘brand’ they work with.

In the last ten years, the steady rise of cloud-based real estate corporations has challenged the traditional model of salespeople being employed by a real estate company working out of a brick-and-mortar office.

This new digitally remote model has not only allowed agents to establish and promote their own personal brand but also enjoy a greater slice of the commission pie.

These days, cloud-based digital brands provide much of the heavy lifting in terms of back-office support for their member agents including trust accounting (where laws call for that) and supplying an ever-widening range of tech tools like coaching, mentoring and training, marketing platforms, CRMs and lead generation workstations leaving the agent to focus on the dollar-productive activities of getting in front of more sellers and doing more deals.

This recent visit back to Victoria Australia to spend time with friends and family gave me the opportunity to catch up with my brother Tim and we decided to record a couple of interviews for the show.

Tim is something of a brand guru. Today he consults to a list of private clients but his former career path saw him deeply involved with brands like Nike, Mattel, and Krispy Kreme.

In 2022 he published his personal branding strategies and success formulas in a book titled ‘YourAmazing Brand Story’

In this episode, Tim and I get nicely into the weeds of effective branding and how agents can best reach out to potential clients in their community by telling their brand story and standing out in a ‘sea’ of other agents and making emotional connections by deciding then telling their brand story.

There’ some really valuable points in this short session. Grab your journal for the good bits. Enjoy! R😎

You can get Tim’s book here

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