TAP 222. The raw power of personal accountability. An Interview with Athena Brownson

I’ve just connected with a fabulously interesting woman. Her name is Athena Brownson and she’s a realtor from Denver Colorado.

I came away from this interview with so much inspiration and motivation and if you don’t mind, I’m just going to brain-dump the ideas and strategies Athena shared right here.

  • Do a regular audit on the 7 areas of your life that matter: self, family, love-life, business, money, health, spiritual.
  • Once a quarter, Athena and her team have an off-site retreat to look at each aspect of the business. What’s working and what needs attention
  • Set yourself up with a daily ritual so you know what’s coming
  • Inspire and motivate your brain and outlook with a daily workout
  • Junk in-Junk out! We need to be careful what we listen to and watch. Is the content we consume each day helping us or hurting our prospects of growing and getting more out of life?

Athena’s website is: www.athenabrownsonrealtor.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AthenaBrownsonRealtor