TAP 225. New real estate model attracting top performers. Keep more of what you make.

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When RE/MAX launched in the early 70s it was something of a game changer. 

The RE/MAX model gave agents a much larger share of the commission in return for a monthly ‘desk fee’ that guaranteed certain support essentials. 

The RE/MAX model started to grow with brokers stacking hundreds and sometimes thousands of agents into their brokerages. Top agents liked RE/MAX because they got to keep a greater percentage of GCI. The traditional model didn’t stand a chance and RE/MAX grew rapidly during the 80s and 90s.

New real estate model founded by Seattle broker 

Fast forward to 2009 when Seattle Broker Glenn Sanford started to ‘tinker’ with the agent-keeps-more model and founded eXp Realty. 

The eXp model charges agents a nominal monthly fee but they only pay $25,000 a year on the first $100,000 earned in GCI. After that, they keep everything. So a traditional system agent who makes $200,000 a year in GCI would normally keep around half or $100,000, while the eXp agent making the same amount keeps $175,000. Extend that over five years, and the eXp agent has kept $375,000 more than she would have with the traditional commission split model.

While the eXp model is not for everyone, it’s quickly gaining momentum as an attractive option for real estate’s top performers tired of paying a big percentage to the owner/broker. Anyone in real estate who has experienced the crush of competition and the seemingly endless increase in costs will quickly tell you “It’s not what you make, but what you keep that really matters.” 

However, Glenn Sanford did more than create a more generous commission share model, as eXp also has a structured revenue share feature whereby agents can build their teams and benefit from team member results. This has been a very successful strategy for eXp as big team agents earn serious amounts of passive income as the compounding effect gains momentum. In addition, EXP WORLD HOLDINGS INC is listed on the NASDAQ, and eXp agents are allocated shares and can earn and buy more.

Lisa B comes onboard with eXp

Real estate success coach, Lisa B from Queensland’s Gold Coast saw the eXp advantages early on and went all in to start building her team of agents from around Australia and the world. As a former high-performing agent, Lisa knows the daily challenges of a career in real estate and the obvious advantages of keeping more of what you make. 

The power and freedom of working remotely

The rise and rise of eXp and eXp agents has only been helped by the amazing advances in technology and the digital era where working remotely and mobile from the cloud keeps them connected but free to roam without the need for a central or traditional office on the High Street. 

As Lisa grows her team, I’ve been able to witness the success of the agents she coaches and supports. With endless enthusiasm and great energy, she is a shining star in the group propelling many agents in her team to earning levels they have never experienced before.

Agent thought about becoming an Uber driver!

One agent from Melbourne had become so despondent and unmotivated working in the traditional model that he was about to sign up to become an Uber driver before joining Lisa’s team and reinventing his personal brand and career. 

In the last six months, he’s earned more than $250,000 in GCI and is quickly building his own team with agents including several from India where eXp is gaining market share and attracting the more entrepreneurial top performers. 

My takeaway from what I know is eXp agents get more money, more options, more support and more tools. Reach out if you’d like a sneak peek of the exclusive bundle we’re offering. When we connect, I’ll set you up for a call with Lisa and she’ll tell you all about the group and see if you might be a good fit.