TAP 192. The Top 5 Ways To Attract Listings. An interview with Trent Pool

This week’s podcast runs down the list of Trent Pool’s Top 5 ways to attract listings so if you’re looking to attract more sellers, win more listings and make more sales, you don’t want to miss this little gem

I’m also delighted that if something awesome could have possibly come out of COVID, it’s more eyeballs on social media and higher email open rates.

Seriously, there’s never been a better time to reach out to your list and connect with your people using value-adding email content.

More people are reading your messages and more people are focused on the joy of the home they live in than ever before.

…and let’s not forget the power of your real estate funnel.

I define the Real Estate Funnel as a series of three interconnecting parts. Attracting sellers, nurturing then converting to listings.

As you listen to Trent’s top 5 ways to attract sellers, you’ll discover he has more than a passive interest in the power of leveraging social media.

I think you’re going to absolutely LOVE this episode