Discovery Call

Hey… we’ve got a call coming up!

I’m looking for the best ways to help you get more of what you want so I came up with the idea of sending out this link to help you get ready for our call and the most out of our session.

On some calls I find people are looking for accountability, help with their team, better time management tools, or just a sounding board to bounce ideas off.

Others are looking to really leverage their time and create extra business growth opportunities with more listings and sales.

Either way, it’s totally up to you.

Most of the clients in my private coaching group want to take things to the next level which is probably my favourite thing.

If that’s you, then here are a few questions we might get into on our call:

  • How many listing do you have now?
  • How many listings and sales did you record for the last year?
  • What’s your average commission per deal?
  • What’s your average Days-On-Market
  • What CRM do you use?
  • How many contacts do you have in your CRM?
  • Do you have a Business Development Area (BDA)
  • How big is your BDA?
  • What are your business goals for the next quarter and year?
  • Do you have a plan to achieve them?
  • Where are the opportunities to grow your numbers and your brand?

If you’re a business owner or sales manager for a team, we’ll get into most of the above and also look at the best hiring strategies.

Feel free to make some notes and hit me with any questions during our time together.

I’m looking forward to our call.

Speak soon.  Ray