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Hello and welcome to my VIP list and Free Downloads page.

I’m sharing these digital downloads because they have been the most successful tools in my real estate business and also for my Private Client Group. I hope you can put them to work ASAP.

Warning: There’s an awful lot of process, strategy, and planning that goes behind these ideas. They have been developed over time and tested in the field. Here’s the thing: My mission is to offer you ideas that actually work and get results. Please take care to ensure you have the correct application and execution strategies in place before you pull the trigger. I know most people want to jump in and just do it but read my stuff and give me the opportunity to let me help you. Remember, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it

If you’re a little dazed and confused then sing out.  I’m insisting you message me with ANY questions! 🙂 

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Your Free Downloads

My Bestselling book, ‘How To Sell Your Home More More’
I have won more listings from a ‘cold’ start with the offer of this book than anything else in my career.
Every seller wants three things:
1. A selling price above market.
2. A sale is a reasonable time and
3 a rewarding real estate experience.
I wrote this book to show my sellers how I deliver on all three. This is the book I customize for my private clients together with a range of FREE BOOK offers they use as lead generators, as part of their pre-listing kit and at opens
Download the eBook here

The Top Agents Playbook.
How to fast track your real estate career and achieve your dream by copying the top agents. The Essential 17 Actions, Habits and Strategies Used by Real Estate’s Best Performers.

I LOVED writing this book. I remember I just smashed it out in one day. I’ve been told it’s a blueprint to make $1 Million a year in real estate and I work with agents who have proven that’s 100% correct. I’ve turned it into a flip book so you can read it on your smart phone or laptop. As you’ll see I’ve identified The Essential 17 Actions, Habits and Strategies Used by Real Estate’s Best Performers. They are:

  1. Top Agents Understand The Power Of Building Relationships
  2. Define The Area You Wish To Dominate And Make It Your Goal That Everyone Knows Who You Are And What You Do;
  3. Work Your Professional Contacts… HARD!
  4. Make 30 Phone Calls Every Day to Your Contacts
  5. Have A Prospecting Plan In Place With 10 Letters You Will Send In Advance Over The Next 12 Months To Your Farm Area
  6. Build A Pipeline Of Sellers And Stay In Contact With Them At Least 15 Times A Year
  7. Create An Action Trail For EVERY Occasion. This will enhance your system and substantially boost your probability of winning EVERY bit of business.
  8. Have The Best Listing Kit In Town And You Will Blow Your Competition Out Of The Water!
  9. Keep A Constant Watch On Your List-To-Sell-Time And Don’t Delay Taking Action When Required
  10. Grade Your Listings At The Start Of Each Month
  11. Stay In Contact With Your Past Clients And Treat Them Like GOLD
  12. Hire A Great Assistant
  13. Always Be Looking For A Better Way Of Doing Business And Add More Value Than Your Competitors
  14. Be Accountable For Your Results To A Mentor Or Business Coach
  15. Blue Dollar Actions And Other Advanced Productivity Strategies
  16. Know Your Daily KPI’s And Reach Them
  17. Set Yourself Up With A Top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  18. (Bonus Chapter) CONTACTS = CA$H
    Download the eBook here

60 Proven Real Estate Scripts For Every Possible Situation
Okay, I’m not going to lie…  I didn’t write all of these scripts. But I have carefully curated and collated the very best scripts and dialogues I have ever heard into what I believe is the ultimate swipe file. Be careful… they are VERY powerful. Handle with care!
Download the 60 Proven Scripts here

7 Proven Real Estate MIndset Hacks Top Agents Live By
When I made the decision to bring in a top real estate mindset coach to work with my Private Client Group, there was only one person I wanted. Jet Xavier is the #1 global authority in real estate mindset strategies.  My private clients love these hacks and I think you will to0.
Download 7 Proven Hacks here

Get creative with Jigglar
Do-It-Yourself online real estate marketing, graphics, creative and social media.
One of the best and most important things I’ve done in the last 10 years is Jigglar.  I co-founded the company in 2018 with 3 partners. A graphics guru, a brilliant developer and a very successful real estate agent.  Between us, we create proven ideas that win clients, win listings and make sales for thousands of agents who access our templates on their computer at any time and do everything on a shoestring. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s very effective.  In less than 2 years we’re approaching 10,000 agent accounts in more than 130 countries. You can sign up for a free 30 day account here and join the Jigglar army.

Get organized and super productive with LockedOn
Intuitive Real Estate Software with DNA trails, automated email sending, bulk SMS feature and pre-loaded with pro-forma ediatable more than 100 emails, text messages and letters to save you time, save you money and impress the heck out of your clients. I’m a proud co-founder and partner at LockedOn and LOVE seeing the difference this beautiful technology is making to the careers and lives of thousands of agents everywhere.
Sign up for a free 30 day account here

Want 5 proven ideas to start winning more listings and making more sales?
Let’s jump on a call. No Charge! My 90 Day Personal Coaching Program will get you where you want to get fast! In fact, I guarantee it. My system is based on the best ideas real estate’s super agents (those earning more than $1 million in GCI each year) use to achieve their amazing results.
Tell me what’s going on and let’s set up a call