Use this email before you arrive to swing the odds in your favour

Did you know that over 70% of sellers have already decided which agent they’re going to list with before the actual listing presentation?

So wouldn’t you agree it’s worth throwing everything you’ve got at your potential new client well before the big meeting to swing the odds in your favour?

If you’re familiar with my material, you’ve probably already downloaded my pre-listing kit formula and my suggested listing presentation format. (I probably get more fan mail about those than anything else)

But there’s one more thing you can do to set things up in the best possible way.

It’s a killer pre-listing email.

When you harness the basics of give-to-get-marketing and offer something of value, you’ll find the law of reciprocity swings into action.

So let’s set the scene;

If you’re a seller, what do you really want?

I believe every seller wants three things;

  1. A top market price
  2. A sale in a reasonable time
  3. An exceptional real estate experience

I believe the perfect pre-listing email should quickly deliver on those three main seller desires.

And don’t get funky, just use Helvetica. A serif font like Times works well in a direct mail letter but will make you look old school in an email.

Read my suggested email copy then, using the footnote numbers, I’ll explain why it works.

Subject: How To Sell Your Home For More (1)

Hi (first name) (2)

I’m looking forward to our meeting on Thursday at 2pm (3)

To help with the process, I wanted to give you some something my clients have found extremely useful. (4)

It’s an electronic copy of a best selling book titled How To Sell Your Home For More. (5)

The selling system as explained in the book, is one reason why my clients achieve top results every time. (6)

I’d also like to give you my professional contact list. (7)

Over time, I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing tradespeople including painters, gardeners, plumbers and clean up specialists, so feel free to connect with anyone on my list if you need any pre-sale works completed. (mention I sent you) (8)

Simply click this link to download my professional contact list. (9)

If you don’t require any assistance right now, I’m sure it will come in handy sooner or later. (10)

I’m also taking the liberty of sending you some recent sales results in your area which I’ll drop by shortly. You will probably be aware of most results but I find my clients always appreciate a recent update. (11)

See you Thursday

Kind regards,


“Working with Ray was amazing. The whole process only took a few weeks and thanks to a very interesting bidding war, our contract price was well in excess of our wildest dreams” John & Andrea Adams (12)

screen-shot-2017-04-06-at-1-42-39-pm (13)




Here are my explainers on the 13 points

  1. The mission with EVERY email is to get it opened so your subject line is paramount. If you say something like ‘Confirming our Thursday appointment’ You’ve just slaughtered your chances of getting the message opened because you’ve already spilled the beans about your message. Using a subject line like How To Sell Your Home For More is beginning to set an expectation and something even more important. It will make you look different and help you stand out from the crowd. In this situation, you need to look as different as possible. Trust me!
  2. ‘Dear’ is way too formal so just say Hi. If your intuition tells you that you should be using their surname (Hi Mr Johnston) do it. Many people will introduce themselves as Tom Johnston but will expect you to call them ‘Mr Johnston.’ You’re better to do that and wait for them to invite you to ‘please call me Tom’ than risk upsetting them by using their first name and coming over as too familiar. That’s way too salesy and I don’t like it. Offer respect and you’ll get the same back.
  3. Time is money. Get straight into your message and confirm the appointment.
  4. We haven’t even met and I’m giving something. EVERYONE loves to receive something no matter how small.
  5. As you can probably work out, you need to be a Bestagents member to use this eBook but I’m looking to show you an example of something cool that people like. You’ll notice that is a link. You’re NOT sending a bloody big file they have to download. If you haven’t clicked the eBook link, do it now so you can see how it works. You’re starting to create a great real estate experience here. Plus, the book is sharing a proven formula that helps sellers sell for more. Sure the content is important but this is marketing remember. The promise is in the title.
  6. See how I’ve used the word System? A System let’s people know there’s a process in place. It gives comfort and the System is explained in the book. You’re also offering social proof by explaining that the book has been a proven winning formula for your previous clients. There’s an implied subliminal comfort in knowing your System has proven very successful for others.
  7. Here I go giving again 🙂
  8. ‘Over time’ says you have years of experience. You know all the best tradespeople and contractors because you’re very well connected. This SCREAMS credibility!
  9. So when they click the link to get your professional contact list, they’re going to your website and they’ll be able to see just how awesome you are at marketing. They’ll LOVE your blog and might even stop in at your ‘about’ page (where you’ve got a truckload of sizzling testimonials by the way). They are literally buying into the brand that is you and are more likely to select YOU as their agent if you weren’t already on the top of the list. Sorry… what’s that? You don’t have a great website with a blog and an About page with sizzling testimonials? Don’t you like money?
  10. This is simply there in case their home is 10 out of 10 and they don’t need any presentation assistance or repairs.
  11. This signals that your Pre-Listing Kit (together with a hard copy of the book) is on it’s way. Knowing there’s info about recent sales in your package will guarantee it gets ripped open when it arrives!
  12. I like just one or two short but powerful testimonials under your email. See how the message from a former client says you got a great price because you had multiple buyers… in fact (every sellers dream) a bidding war!
  13. Many real estate email signatures suck! They are often oversized, blurry and the email and website isn’t hyperlinked. You WILL be judged by your email signature so go to the trouble of getting a good one. I created this one using an online platform called They have some cool free options too.


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