Are you REALLY serious about change?

Almost every day I speak with real estate agents.

We talk about a lot of stuff but it usually boils down to their hopes and dreams and how they can actually achieve their goals.

I like these conversations.

I like to help others and see awesome results.

But sometimes, something happens in the process I can’t influence or control.

It’s like they have to decide to press a button that will start the process and bring them closer to what they need.

When I dig a little deeper, I find they are craving change but fear it at the same time.

Change in relationships, change in heath and fitness, change in mindset, change in surroundings, change in ‘friends’ and change from not achieving their personal and financial goals.

So they’re looking for change but they never actually press the button.

The only deduction I can make from that is that they don’t want it badly enough.

They wait and they hope.

That saddens me.

Good people, and I mean REALLY good people get frozen in the inertia of their own procrastination and complacency hoping for change that will never come because they fail to launch.

But for some, sooner or later comes a catalyst for change.

Sooner or later there is the chance they will rise up and say “Enough… I’m ready. I only get one life. I owe it to myself to go for gold and see what happens. What’s the worst that can happen?”

So one day, they hit the button.

At first nothing happens but they press on. Then a flicker. A sign. Something’s happening. It’s working.

The feeling is euphoric. The results are addictive. The change is permanent.

So I have a question for you:

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Next month I’m leaving my home in Ontario Canada and heading to Queensland’s Gold Coast for 2 days of advanced real estate coaching. That’s 24 hours of airports and flying but if it was 124 I’d still be there.

This is an annual ‘mecca’ for me as I get to connect with so many real estate friends and contacts.

In fact, a powerful byproduct from these events is something of an inspirational rebirth and awakening. (That’s why we call it RECHARGE)

We don’t get weird or hold hands or anything but the vibe in the room is like nothing I have ever experienced.

If you’ve been to RECHARGE before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t, I’d like to invite you now

But there are only 200 places and right now there are only 50 left.

You’ll get 2 days of advanced live real estate coaching with a handpicked bunch of elite agents who are ready to deliver their message of success and how you can get what you want.

Check out our speaker line up here.

If you’re tired of waiting and ready to embrace new ideas and you REALLY want change, make the success decision now to join us and get started.

This is your golden opportunity to push the button.

Hope to see you in Surfers.

Warmest, Ray

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