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There’s never been a better time to build your brand and authority in your area.

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Selling a service like real estate comes with its own special set of challenges.

If you were selling a car or a smart-phone or a chair, people can actually touch it or try it out to better experience what they’re getting. Not so when hiring an agent which was my main motivation for writing How To Sell Your Home For More.

I wanted to be able to give something physical to a potential client to make the experience of hiring me easier to process. I effectively turned a service into something they could touch.

But I didn’t really expect what happened next.

Once I was the author of my own book, my professional credibility went through the roof. It was like I’d been stamped as ‘the authority’ for real estate in my area. It opened many doors. Literally.

Some time after that I launched Bestagents so other agents could use How To Sell as a lead generator. Then BA members started to ask if I would write a book for them so they could be the author and build their own brand.

So last year (2015) I wrote The Ultimate HomeSellers Guide so Bestagents members could have their own name on the cover and benefit from the added credibility and personal marketing that went along with being a real estate author.

The applications for your own real estate book are endless. From including a copy in your pre-listing kit to lead generation and give-to-get-marketing in your area, there is NOTHING like your own book to shine a light on your brand and give yourself a dynamic and compelling point of difference.

A couple of times each year, we do a mass printing run so members can get an extra sweet deal on a bulk order.

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