Podcast Guest Info + Booking Scheduler

Hello and welcome, I’m Ray. Many thanks for agreeing to be a guest on Top Agents Playbook. The show goes out to the world on all major platforms.

Content: Just so you know and to avoid any confusion, we’re looking to interview successful residential real estate professionals willing to share their ideas as to how our audience of real estate agents can make more local contacts, win more listings and make more sales. You may also be someone not working in real estate but able to help agents with a product or service you’re involved with. There needs to be an obvious link to how you add value.

What my people really like is a good story!

Here’s how to set up a time for our interview call plus some info you might find useful before I press record.

Click here and set up a time for our call that works for you

  • Interviews normally run anywhere from 20-40 minutes.
  • I’m based in Toronto Canada so times and availability might look strange if you’re not in North America. If you can’t see a time that works, just let me know. ray@bestagentsinc.com
  • Interview format. I prefer to wing it It’s a chat. My best interviews are a winding river. I try to think about what our listeners would be interested to learn more about and go from there
  • I’m grateful for your time, your knowledge and your expert advice, so let’s promote your message early in the show. If I’ve agreed to host you as a guest on my show then please know I’m here to support you and promote your mission
  • I record using Zoom.  When you schedule our interview, you’ll be sent the Zoom meeting link. I find seeing each other makes it an easier process. I use the audio and sometimes the video
  • If you have a free offer or something you’d like to promote, we’ll promo that early in the show to make sure people get it. I will also include the link to your free offer in the show notes for our episode
  • Our interview will sound better if you’re in a quiet space
  • Desktops are better than mobiles. Headsets are better than the phone microphone
  • You can check out the show website here

So they are the basics. Here’s more info that you might find useful for our episode:

  • Content. My subscribers and listeners are mainly residential real estate professionals, so naturally, I try to keep things relevant. I’m looking to leverage your skills into that area.
  • We’ll chat before I press record and set everything up!

Interview rules and guidelines

  • I try to keep swearing to a minimum. It limits our audience.
  • If I ask a question you’re not comfortable with answering, that’s totally cool.  Just say “I’d rather not answer that.”

I’m really looking forward to our interview and please message me with any questions at ray@bestagentsinc.com