Kajabi Expert Wanted!

Hello!  …I’m Ray Wood, the founder at Bestagents Inc. and thank you for considering this offer.

I put this together to let you know exactly whom we are looking for. Let’s see if we’re a good fit and be sure to let me know if it doesn’t make sense 🙂

Who are we?

We are Bestagents Inc.

My team and I work with real estate agents in Australia, NZ, USA and Canada. We provide marketing ideas, strategies and what we call the ‘real estate funnel’ to help our members attract, nurture and convert leads to listings and sales.

We have been using Kajabi for the last few years to build a suite of customized digital assets for our Bestagents members.

These assets are different types of landing, thank-you and opt-in pages our members use in their local area to attract sellers. They might run social media ads featuring the link to a page we build or link their customized landing page to a QR code via a platform called Jigglar.com where I am also a founder

Right now we’re looking for a Kajabi expert to join our team.

The bulk of the work is creating a specific list of pages in Kajabi so we need someone to clone a series of existing pages then customize to the new member.

Here’s how it works:

  1. New Bestagents member comes on board
  2. When they join Bestagents, they are automatically sent a Kajabi assessment form to complete
  3. This Assessment, when correctly completed, will include all the information we need to build their pages including images, logos, contact info, colors etc
  4. When new member clicks SUBMIT, the info is sent via email to our graphic designer and our Kajabi expert
  5. When the Kajabi expert receives the order, they create a new project under the member’s name in Basecamp (our project management platform) and add the new member to the project letting them know that this is where their new suite of customized digital assets will be stored.
  6. The designer creates all graphics required like eBooks, report visuals and everything our Kajabi expert needs to build the suite of customized pages (see sample list of pages below)
  7. When the designer completes all required graphics, they upload them to the Basecamp project and inform our Kajabi expert
  8. Kajabi expert builds all pages from information received and visual assets the graphic designer has uploaded to Basecamp, being careful to make sure all spelling of names, places etc is correct and remembering to add the correct favicon and making sure all pages look right on desktop, tablet and mobile
  9. Kajabi expert then tests all pages and uploads them to the Basecamp project then informs new member and sends new member an email in case they missed the Basecamp notification

If you haven’t used basecamp before, it’s very easy.

Our Kajabi expert is NOT building these pages from scratch. The pages are simply cloned, renamed and customized with new member details.

This is a sample list of current pages our Kajabi expert will build for a new member:

Lead Generation (Virtual Market Update)
Lead Generation
Lead Generation (True Price Finder)
Lead Generation (Downsizing In Australia)

Lead Generation (Book A Market Update)

Expression of Interest Form
Real Careers Now

So …what would you be doing as part of our team?

  1. Building pages for new members as described above
  2. Building new pages from time to time
  3. Building new assessments from time to time
  4. Building new forms from time to time
  5. Updating a members info when they move or change companies etc
  6. Helping me with the best strategies for rolling out new pages
  7. Advising on new applications where we can harness the power of Kajabi to add value to our member’s marketing

Sometimes it’s one or two new members a week, sometimes it’s one a month.

Our expert will be an excellent communicator in English both written and spoken

Face to Face Zoom calls
Our expert will be prepared to jump on a quick Zoom call from time to time to where I need to explain something, ask a question or share a new idea etc.

One person please
I don’t want to work with a team of people as that’s where mistakes happen and members can become upset and I don’t have the time to train new people. I need to work with one person on this project and I need a guarantee that one person will be handling each new member assets build.

One final note:
I think this is a job for a quality VA. Maybe someone living away from Canada or US where costs are not as high but I’m open for ideas and suggestions. I have been working with VAs for more than 10 years and, for the most part, these have been wonderful experiences.

However, I have learned that, from time to time, my VA will go missing in action. I’m talking completely off the grid for weeks at a time which honestly drives me batshit crazy. Now, there may be legitimate reasons for these long periods of absence but I can’t operate my business that way. The agents who pay us to provide these services rely on us being able to do what we promise we are going to do. I expect the same from a team member and not showing up for long periods illustrates a total lack of respect and very poor business behavior.

What we would like from you if you are interested in joining our team
Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out this position. If you think we might be a fit, please copy the following 9 points and paste with answers in an email to ray@bestagentsinc.com
Please make the email subject line read KAJABI EXPERT WANTED (your name)

  1. Can you do it?
  2. Do you fully understand what we need?
  3. What are your costs? Do you charge per page build or per hour or part thereof?
  4. Are you familiar with EVERY aspect of Kajabi and know ALL features?
  5. How long have you been a Kajabi expert?
  6. Can you supply the names and contact info of two clients you are currently working with?
  7. Are you happy to jump on a Zoom call where required from time to time?
  8. Do you bring any experience working with real estate agents?
  9. What else?

Many thanks,

Ray Wood

Here’s a bit more about me.