Tim Ferris Interviews Tony Robbins

Something pretty serious must have happened in his early years to cause Anthony J. Mahavoric to reinvent himself as Tony Robbins.

Maybe it was an abusive alcoholic mother and her series of four husbands or maybe it was his discovery of the legendary Jim Rohn at the age of 17.

When I first started my real estate career I began listening to ‘training’ tapes on my car or in my Sony Walkman when riding running or walking.

I was constantly buying cassettes and later, CDs to help keep me focused and learn new strategies to grow my business and my brand. The tapes would set my brain on fire with innovative ideas and life changing principles to live by.

I would listen to Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins and of course, Jim Rohn.

Perhaps it was these early influences that lead me to found Bestagents, get into public speaking and events, become a co-founder of our software company, LockedOn and create my podcast for real estate agents.

Then one day, at a neighbor’s garage sale I discovered this new guy. For $10 I bought a book and cassette program called Personal Power by Tony Robbins.

I was hooked!

I devoured the book and started listening to the cassettes whenever I had a few spare minutes.

I got up early and started my day with 20 minutes of Tony pumping me up and getting me into what he calls ‘peak state’.

I recently read his book Money. Master The Game (awesome read) and often find myself listening to Tony in my car.

Yesterday I listened to The Tim Ferris Show Podcast and there he was again. Only this time, Tony’s ideas and personal power strategies are even more effective and I started to think how many of my family and friends would enjoy Tony’s wisdom.

I get such a motivational and inspirational blast from listening to Tony. Tim is a great interviewer and draws some excellent responses.

Listen to Tony dig deep about how our obsession with achievement does more harm than good. You’ll also discover;

  • Tony’s best investment ever
  • Quotes he lives by (and how he puts them into action)
  • The worst advice he regularly hears
  • Why he changed his diet for the first time since age 17
  • And the 90 second rule (brilliant)

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

If you like it you might also want to watch a new Netflix documentary on Tony called ‘I am not your guru’

Here’s Tim’s interview with Tony.