If you’re over 50, watch this!

Since I turned 50 a few years back, I’ve noticed people of my generation head in two completely different directions.

One group is getting ready to take it easy and moving towards retirement while others are beginning to experience a brand new world and taking on new challenges and goals in business and in life.

I believe the world has never offered up so many opportunities for people of every age. That’s because it’s a new world and so much has changed.

The best agents I know are entrepreneurial and not only welcome the new world but work hard to leverage the growing range of fresh and exciting business tools and opportunities.

Here’s why I think it’s not too late for the over 50’s and why, in fact, right now is the perfect time to embrace the new world and enjoy the many benefits it offers.

If you’re caught between working out which group you belong to (the ‘take it easys’ and the entrepreneurs) here are some points to consider:

  • The concept of retiring in your 50’s is a hangover from another time when most of the world was made up of coal miners and life expectancy was much lower that it is today
  • We are all living longer. We are better educated about taking care of ourselves. There are better drugs and better medical procedures

So if we’re going to live longer, I believe we need 2 things:

  1. A passionate interest in something that gets us up early and keeps us up late. (The anecdotal evidence for early deaths among retirees is overwhelming) and
  2. Money. If we’re going to live longer, most people don’t have the savings to carry them through in style and comfort.

Today Gary Vaynerchuk sent me this video. It’s only short but I think you’ll like Gary’s passionate and motivating message.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.28.21 PM

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