90 Day Mastermind Group (Maximum 6)

I’m sure by now you’ve done enough real estate ‘training’

You know WHAT you need to do because you HAVE the information.

So why hasn’t TRAINING delivered the change you’ve been looking for?

I believe, in fact I have proven, there is a MAJOR GAP between KNOWING and actually DOING.

Think about it for a sec…

If MORE information was the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs and perfect lives.

The problem with training is that it’s a single HIT of inspiration.

There’s NOTHING that comes behind it.

The latest research says it takes 66 days to form a solid habit.

But the GOOD NEWS is I think I can help you with my 90 Day Mastermind Group.

6 agents (all looking to make 2018 their best year in real estate) and I, will connect on a weekly group screen call and get busy

We’ll be sharing challenges and goals, providing feedback plus suggested actions and keeping each other accountable.

In a moment, I’ll invite you to let me know if you’re interested but first, let me tell you what I’m looking for in a Mastermind Group member so you can see if we’re a match

1. You’re established in real estate (not in your first year). You’re winning listings and making sales. You’ve learned certain skills through training and experience that continue to help you. But you often feel like you’re spinning your wheels and know you would benefit from feedback on your plan, fresh ideas and strategies plus the solid, ongoing accountability that happens when you regularly connect with a group of ‘mentors’

2. You’re prepared to share your thoughts in a private group environment and not too proud to talk about lessons learned and challenges overcome. You’re open to considering constructive and logical suggestions to help achieve your goals and willing to contribute your ideas to others in the group.

3. You’re someone who’ll respond to agreed tasks and can be counted on to ‘pull your weight’ in the group. In other words, if you agree to do something, you’ll do it. (this is where the all-important accountability comes in)

If you’ve never been involved in a Mastermind before, let me give you a quick heads up:

  • The best Masterminds are rewarding and something you’ll look forward to each week. They don’t last for a LONG time. I’ve found 90 days is the perfect time to make the changes and form the habits you need to give you the results you want.Each weekly 60-minute session is structured and productive. There is a clear and simple agenda we follow that is proven to produce results fast
  • Each Mastermind group member gets multiple chances to share their priority challenges and receive group feedback and suggested actions required
  • Participating in a private group Mastermind like this is NOT about making extra work for you. It’s about the fastest and most effective ways to create solutions to current challenges and blockages. An ideal Mastermind meeting will finish with you having 1 or 2 solid ideas or changes you can quickly implement to get results

Who This Mastermind IS For:

  • You often feel overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • You lack structure and systems in your business
  • You’re working harder but getting the same results
  • You’ve achieved at a higher level before and want to get back there
  • You’re tired of ‘experimenting’ with training without getting the promised results
  • You often lack discipline to put your head down and focus on the important stuff
  • You want your career to be fun. NOT a daily grind.

Who This Mastermind is NOT for:

  • You’re new to real estate and don’t really have any momentum in terms of listings and sales just yet
  • You’re unable to commit one hour a week to grow your personal brand and professional influence
  • You’re already involved in a regular on-going weekly coaching program AND you’re getting AWESOME Results
  • You have no resources to invest in your success and your future

We meet once a week for 60 minutes via a group call on your computer.
We go for 90 Days
$1650 or 3 payments over 3 months at $650 (AUD)

A final thought.

If nothing happens, nothing happens.

Nothing comes without work and effort but when you place yourself beside others with similar challenges and even some achieving at a level to aspire you, some amazing things can happen.

There is no such person who has achieved great results by themselves. Sooner or later EVERYONE seeks help, guidance, support and accountability from outside their private world.

If you can see yourself in this Mastermind Group then I’d like you to take a look at this short questionnaire and let me know what’s going on.

Let’s see if we’re a match.

Warm regards


PS: I’m writing this email arrogantly thinking you might know who I am. My apologies. That’s not me and definitely NOT How I roll. Here’s a little about me and why I think I’m qualified to lead this Mastermind Group and add a ton of value.

  • I have been in real estate all my life. I have owned and operated a highly successful independent real estate business (in inner Melbourne Australia) for more than 5 years. During that time, I recruited and led an amazing sales team that set sales records in our industry.
  • I’m the author of the bestselling Lead Generating book, ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’ (almost 300,000 copies sold) The book help me found the Bestagents real estate group that today has more than 400 agents in Australian and NZ
  • I’m a founding partner at LockedOn.com We build amazing real estate software that agents love.
  • I’m a founding partner at Jigglar.com Jigglar is an online creative marketing tool for agents where they can quickly edit proven templates and flyers like just listed and just sold, direct response and customise social media posts.
  • I’m host & Presenter at TopAgentsPlaybook.com My regular weekly podcast features some of the best real estate people in the world which gives me a front row seat to pick some brilliant brains and share my pickings with my people.
  • I live and breathe real estate and property. I consider myself at the very leading edge of the tech edge in our industry and combine that with a passion for hustling and inspiring my agent friends to get on the phone and get results!

PPS: Got a question? Message me at ray@jigglar.com or on FB

Stuff you need to know

  • There will be a maximum of 6 people in the group. This way I can spend more time with each person and provide more value. While the essential basics that will grow your business are the same for every agent, there are always specifics that need attention
  • We’ll be meeting at the same day and time each week
  • You’ll be getting access to our customized marketing website Print Ready Ads to create your own special marketing pieces.
  • The program runs for 90 days.

The Power Of  Good Mastermind

Connecting with like minded professionals on a regular basis is a proven personal growth tool. The discipline of knowing you will be meeting again in a week is a valuable tool to help you get stuff done. Leveraging the power and energy of the group will give you serious momentum and confidence.

They said what?

“Wow… what a wild ride! In January this year I moved to a new company in a new state. When I started working with Ray I had zero listings. Now it’s February and I have 14 listings and 3 sales so far. Every day, Ray’s ideas and strategies have helped me attract more potential clients. His guidance and mentorship is making a world of difference” Barbara Lamont Cairns Queensland. Australia

“Regular meetings, realistic goals, a productive action list and enhanced accountability are the rewards I’m experiencing working with Ray. His systems, branding concepts and marketing ideas have given my wife and I the confidence to open our own agency and we’re off to a great start“ Mark O’Shea. Bendigo Bestagents. Bendigo, Victoria.

“Ray’s support in the last 12 months has had an impressive impact on our results and my personal productivity. He is always a reliable sounding board for a new idea and his ‘library’ of marketing concepts and winning marketing methods is without doubt the best I have ever seen. If you ever get the chance to work with him, do it! “ Mark Lands. Lands Real Estate. Adelaide, South Australia.

“When Ray and I set my personal results targets at the start of the year, I thought 40 sales was very ambitious. I had only done 30 in the 12 months prior. Today is December 8 and I have 39 sales in the bag and I’m hopeful of getting number 40 across the line next week. Working with Ray has been a real game changer for me. It’s an awesome mix of proven systems, focusing on priorities and personal productivity. It’s also given me immense confidence in my career and so many aspects of my life” Kevin Young. Harcourts. Brisbane, Queensland.

“We started working with Ray at the beginning of the year. Things were tough back then and quite a lot of the ideas we tried were not working. The strategies we’ve implemented since we started working with Ray are bearing fruit and results have never been better. We are a young company and need to grow quickly. Both our Sales and Property Management departments are excelling under Ray’s guidance and support” Anora Fairchild. Metro Property. Sydney, New South Wales

“The great thing about Ray’s coaching is that everything is so easy to implement. His direct mail and lead generators have widespread appeal with sellers everywhere because they promise and deliver such great value every time. Plus I make extra commission every month by following his ideas”  Daniel Mendes. Amber Werchon Property, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

“Ray is one of the best marketing guys going around. In a world of clutter and too much wasteful advertising, agents find themselves jumping from one gimmick to the next, with a scatter gun approach that doesn’t work. Ray’s message cuts through the haze to connect with the decision makers that matter the most”  Garth Makowski. Harcourts. Campbelltown NSW

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Nobody can tax it or take it away from you … if you’ve maximized your talent, you’ve got a tremendous asset that can return tenfold”
 Warren Buffett (The Oracle of Omaha and Investment Legend and really rich dude)