Here’s where we go ‘glamping’

(See video in shownotes below) When I look back, all my blogs and podcasts are about real estate success.

I love sharing new tools and ideas to help my real estate contacts get more listings and make more sales but I thought it might be time to share the Canadian Summer spirit with a little holiday update.

In June, Christine and I realized our dream to bought a cottage in Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes district then worked like crazy for the next four weeks to get our house in the city ready for sale.

I’m pleased to report the city sale was a stunning success with four offers over asking but that’s a story for another time.

The 1950’s boathouse and converted garage are a little rough. We call it glamourous camping or ‘glamping’. We bathe in the lake and the septic system is fairly primitive.

But the swimming out front is awesome (no weeds), and the sunsets are world class. In fact, we couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect spot to hang out with kids, family and friends.

I promised to shoot a quick video for some of my real estate contacts once we moved in so you can see what it’s like so here it is.

Special thanks to Aussie friend Vinny Tortorella (who is touring Canada and the US this month) for not dropping my iPhone in the lake 🙂

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