How 1800 flyers produced $24,000… and counting!

I was just getting ready to turn in last night when Alex Hall messages me on Facebook with some awesome news.

So I thought the best idea was to make a quick video and explain what happened.  The results are impressive and so simple to do if you follow the rules.

Can I guarantee you’ll get the same or better results?  Of course not but proven formulas work well in most tests we’ve done.

If you’re not a Bestagents member you will need to come up with a powerful free offer to include as part of your letter.  Maybe you can use a FREE REPORT of recent sales but you need to offer something that’s going to motivate them to keep reading and make contact with you. 


Download the actual letter Alex used here (.pdf)

Download Letter in Word (Aust/NZ)

Download Letter in Word (Canada/USA)

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