Mastermind Group. (Commences March 7)

Hi everyone and welcome to your Mastermind Group.

Here are the details you need to join our regular meetings

When will we be meeting?
We’ll meet each Thursday at 11am Melb/Syd  which is 8am WA and 1pm NZ

How do we meet?
We’ll meet via some cool tech called  I will set up a link and send it to you this week.
The best way to participate is with a headset like this. (AUD$28 from Harvey Norman)
or just use your mobile phone ear buds and microphone.

(Using the computer microphone causes feedback and echo)

With your computer video switched on (you’ll see how to do that in Zoom) we can see each other which makes for a better group meeting. Switching your video on is not compulsory but it will help if we can all see each other.

How Long do we meet for?
Allow about an hour but I’m not making any appointments following our sessions in case we run over.

Mastermind Agenda

  • We kick off by going around ‘the table’ and each of us shares a WIN we’ve had at some point in the last week
  • We take it in turns to be in the HOT SEAT. One Masterminder talks about the biggest issues and challenges they are facing and we open it up for group contribution, ideas and brainstorming. (this is a great opportunity to discover fresh ideas you can apply to your own business if you are not in the Hot Seat)

As you probably know by now (following the gazillion emails I have sent you) is up and running.
This thing is my personal baby. It took me 2 years to get the developer I wanted to work with to agree to partner with me then my mate John Banitsiotis from Noosa came on board as the design head.

Jigglar gives me access to proven templates and I’m interested in helping you set up your catalogue of customized templates that can be updated/edit in just a few minutes.

A account is NOT compulsory for this Mastermind. You have already paid to be involved so you might think parting with another $47 a month is a big ask. However, a fair bit of what we’ll be doing during the coming 90 days is streamlining your marketing and customizing everything you need to give you more hours in the day and essentially, get in front of MORE sellers.

Also, I’m 200% confident you’ll be able to use one or more of the lead generating templates in Jigglar to win listings, make sales and more than cover your Jigglar Online marketing investment very quickly.

You can set up a free account here. Then if you’d like access to all templates and also have the option to save all of your designs, you can upgrade to the $47 a month account. We can discuss on our first call.
Basecamp is collaboration software.  It lets us keep all our resources and assets in one place and also upload and download big files like photos and videos. Don’t worry…   you don’t need to be Bill Gates to work it  🙂