Has Google locked you out?

When it comes to mobile search, is your website in the lost dept? Here’s a quick way to see if your website is ranking or tanking.  Current estimates put mobile search at 50% and higher. In fact, I recently discovered 87% of all visitors to my site did so on a mobile phone or tablet. Yo can check the article here. Mobile Browsing Goes Ballistic

In April (2015) Google, the sultan of search, changed their algorithm to ‘unrank’ non mobile friendly websites.

Want a translation? If Google thinks your website sucks on mobile devices, you will no longer rank as wel in a mobile Google search. You may not rank at all.

That means you’ve just lost HALF your market. (Or in my case 9 in 10 people visiting my site)

To see if Google consider your website mobile friendly, they have developed a test. Click this link to test your website now.


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