TAP 112. How to deliver the Ultimate Listing Presentation EVERY time …and an Amazingly Simple Pre-Listing Kit

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How to get your hands on my Pre-Listing Kit and Listing Presentation

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How To Download The Ultimate Listing Presentation + The Ultimate Pre-Listing Kit + Direct Mail Power from Ray Wood on Vimeo.

Here are the time stamps so you can go straight to the chapter you’re looking for:

Welcome and the cost of losing a listing.  2.16

Chapter 1. Marketing 101, less is more and logo losers.   7:30

Chapter 2. The 3 main reasons why listing presentations fail.  11:00

Chapter 3. The ABCs of Listing.  14:55

Chapter 4. The Pre-Listing Kit. Step by step.  17:35

Chapter 5. How to get AWESOME testimonials.  22:52

Chapter 6. How to Package a deliver your Pre-Listing Kit.  28:34

Chapter 7. The Actual Listing Presentation.  31:18

Chapter 8. Emotional price Vs. Logical price.  51:58

Chapter 9. The magic leaves with you.  57:57

Chapter 10. How to perfect the trial close.  1:00:07

Chapter 11. How to win friends and influence people.  1:02:56

Chapter 12. Fee negotiation strategies and the race to the bottom.  1:07:27

Chapter 13. A message for new agents.  1:14:48

Chapter 14. Thanks for letting me share.  1:19:40

Chapter 15. So where to from here?  1:20:40

When I send you the link, you’ll be able to download the Testimonial sample and template, the Pre-Listing Kit Covering Letter, the Questionnaire and the Recent Sales Page sample and template

Why winning the listing is one of the most important things to get right

Let me ask you a question:

After prospecting for solid listing leads, what would you consider to be the next most important thing you should be doing as often as possible?

The answer to your question will not only determine your professional fulfillment and career satisfaction but your overall success in real estate.

Getting the listing as often as possible from every potential opportunity is the answer to that question.

…and here’s why.

Here’s my theory about the cost of losing a listing and I’m yet to find anyone to disagree with it. It goes like this;

Let’s say your Gross Commission Earned from a sale is $10,000

My theory goes that if you lose a listing, the REAL cost is more like $40,000

The REAL cost of losing a listing

First, you lose a $10,000 fee for service. Second, you GIFT $10,000 to your competition. It’s like you’re sponsoring their career and helping them build their brand right under your nose.

Third and fourth, you lose the very likely possibility of listing 2 or even more properties off the back of the original listing. And that, by the way, is how good agents become great. Simply by building momentum from a growing number of listings in one area.

What’s included in this podcast episode

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How the pre-listing kit is every bit as important as the actual presentation itself
  • The MASSIVE Mistakes most agents make when preparing their pre-listing kit
  • How to combat the fact that the seller has probably already decided which agent they’ll be going with before you arrive and how to increase your chances even when you’re going in ‘cold’ to a seller you’ve never met.
  • I’ll take you step-by-step through, what I believe is the ultimate listing presentation and I’m talking about the very best actual procedure to follow
  • The very best questions to ask during your presentation and why they’re so essential to your success
  • My best trial closes to help you warm up to the main event (trial closes are like a yellow brick road to winning the listing)
  • An awesome letter that goes with your pre-listing kit
  • How to get 12 stunning testimonials by this time tomorrow
  • The best fee defense scripts to help you earn the fee you deserve including the most powerful and effective script I have ever used
  • And a questionnaire you should be using and what the answers tell you about your new client.