115. How to stand out in your market. An Interview with Kevin Turner. A podcast for real estate agents

You’re probably familiar with the ‘Elevator Pitch’  That’s the 20 second summary of what you do and why you’re different.

Most agents don’t have one but them most agents are all the same.  Here’s mine and I can recite it in my sleep: “I’ve perfected a real estate marketing system that helps my sellers achieve a better result in less time.  Can I show you how it works?”

I’m sure you’ve noticed how busy and competitive the world is today. So how are you standing out in your market? What’s your unique and compelling point-of-difference? …and how do you leverage your Unique Selling Proposition to attract more potential real estate clients into your sphere?

For more than ten years, former elite agent Kevin Turner has been diving deep into the real estate success pool.  He’s interviewed more top agents than me and has built an amazing library of audio and video interviews that must be the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

But he didn’t stop there! He then invested more than a year into separating each interview into one of 10 real estate success categories so agents looking to copy the greats can quickly find what they need and do it.  Here’s the link to check it out!

It’s always great to catch up with Kevin. I think you’ll really enjoy this one. 🙂



Thought it might be fun to video this as well!