174. My secret pre-listing email

What if a simple email to set up your listing presentation could totally swing the odds of winning the listing in your favor?

I was on a call with Bestagents member Kim Turner this morning.

We were workshopping some ideas and I shared something that has been very effective for a number of agents in my private client group.

In fact, I would say it has the power to supercharge your chances of winning more listings at presentation?

And it must be a secret because nobody eyes is doing it! 🙂

I’m also going to suggest this is a drop-everything-and do-right-now kind of thing!

In a sec I’ll give you a Pre-Listing email that’s killing it right now for one very specific reason… Your potential selling client gets to see your testimonials!

…PLUS I have a special kicker that will take your ‘authority’ through the roof.

Here’s the thing: Most agents don’t give potential selling clients their testimonials until AFTER the Presentation.

I totally don’t get it!!

Firstly, they are way less likely to actually look at your past client testimonials when you have left the building… and wouldn’t you want your potential client totally blown away by your awesomeness BEFORE you arrive?

Before they actually meet you, the average seller wants to know EVERYTHING about you. Their built-in decision ‘algorithm’ is constantly asking “yes or no”.  “Is this the agent I’m going to choose to sell my property?”

So put yourself in your seller’s shoes… as they listen to your presentation, they’re also thinking how deliriously happy your past clients are with you and your awesome real estate service and client care… I call this marketing 🙂

This means you’re in front even before you arrive. (The marketing gurus call it being ‘Pre-Sold’) And if you follow the Bestagents listing pres formula which you’ll find in the members area, you’ll see how the whole thing comes together.

All you need is a bunch of cracking testimonials, a link to your eBook and the following email.

Rules (ignore at your peril)

  1. Send it out THE MINUTE you hang up from your phone call requesting a listing presentation from a potential seller. This creates an image of you with the seller as being prompt, reliable, efficient, confident and a doer.
  2. Use Helvetica and 14 point type minimum
  3. Your subject line MUST say ‘This Thursday’ …or whatever day your appointment is (this will get your email opened which is your #1 priority)
  4. Put your testimonials immediately after your name at the bottom and BEFORE your email signature ie: logos and links and addresses and phone numbers. That stuff is just a distraction (This will get your testimonials noticed which is your #2 priority)
  5. Make sure your testimonials are in “talking marks” and make sure you use the former client’s first and last name and location (see my personal examples below). Naturally, the location needs to be the same area or close to your listing presentation.
  6. The ‘Kicker’ is including the link to your eBook. Knowing you’re a published author will add to your authority big time!

Okay…  here’s your email.

Subject: This Thursday

Hello Mrs Johnstone and great to speak with you this morning.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you at (address) on Thursday at (time)

To help my selling clients achieve a higher selling price, I have recently published an eBook called the Ultimate Homesellers Guide

Here’s a link so you can take a look. (this is a sample link. include yours)  https://joom.ag/oRcb

See you Thursday,

Kind regards

Agent’s Name

“Hello Ray, and thanks for helping us sell for such a terrific price. I don’t know how you handled 4 buyers at once but the result was so far above our expectation, we’re so happy and our whole family was very impressed” Allan and Marg Pinkerton. South Yarra

“We now have a whole new respect for agents and in particular, you. Nothing was too much trouble and you not only gave us a terrific selling experience, you helped us achieve a selling price we never even dreamed we could achieve” Dave and Pamela Dryden. St Kilda

“Hi Ray. Just wanted to say a big thank you. We were wondering if all those things you did to help us present our home better would come together. Well you really gave us a real estate success lesson and we could not be happier. Our friends next door are selling soon and they want to use our ‘secret weapon’ too” Brian and Delilah Bancroft. South Yarra

“I have to say, when you told me you could achieve a better price than the other agents I was skeptical. You’re the new guy on the block with an unknown brand but I’m so pleased I took a chance and listed with you Ray. The price is amazing.Thanks so very very much” Jessie McPherson. St Kilda East

“When you asked us why we went with you as our agent I would have to say passion and enthusiasm. But after you achieved such a great SOLD price I would have to say skill. When we read How To Sell Your Home For More, we wanted our result to be as good as the one in the book, and that’s EXACTLY what you did. Our only question is: How did you handle all those buyers? XX” M & M (Maria Forsyth and Mandy Thompson. South Yarra)

“Right back at the start of the campaign, you told me to trust you Ray. You ripped out carpet, repainted walls, basically rebuilt the bathroom…it was exciting and a little scary all at the same time. But then I saw the photos. I saw it on the Internet and my Mother didn’t believe it was my little apartment. $450,000 was my dream price, but $525,000 is still unbelievable. Thanks just doesn’t convey how I feel… but thanks!!! ” Margarita DeCosta. Prahran

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