TAP 181. Real estate email marketing secrets revealed. An Interview with Chris Orzechowski

Just in case you don’t know, I’m Ray Wood and I’m a real estate agent from Melbourne Victoria living on a lake about 2 hours north of Toronto Ontario Canada.

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It’s been a cold blast here at the cottage in the last couple of months where we have been in semi-isolation and various stages of lockdown for almost a year.

The month of February is testing us because there’s this weather effect called the polar vortex that brings with it arctic cold temperatures like minus 30 Celcius and feet of snow.

But, fortunately, the boathouse is keeping us warm thanks to a wood fire we installed last year and some incredible spray insulation that keeps in most of the warmth.

The boathouse has been a fun project and it’s still a work in progress that will take me a bit longer to complete.

Personally, this last year has been an amazing time. I feel I have better focus and direction. I feel like I have more drive and energy.

In the last 12 months, I have completely overhauled Bestagents to a digital marketing platform and with the amazing resources of Jigglar and LockedON, a steady stream of new members are coming on board while they can still get the heavily discounted founding members deal.

My real estate funnel marketing model is working like a well-oiled machine and let me share what I’ve learned about the art of funnel marketing in the past year.

There are 3 stages to a good funnel; Attract, nurture and convert.

The 16 digital assets including eBooks and autopilot lead generators we have created at Bestagents do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to attracting with the impressive resources of Jigglar pitching in by pumping out fresh professional grade content on a daily basis.

LockedON’s new version 2 is turning heads and playing a critical role nurturing and converting contacts to listings and sales with the help of our digital pre-listing kit and lots of pre-written emails ready in the system.

In fact, that’s a perfect segway into this week’s interview which is all about the power of email marketing and some awesome tips to make sure your messages are connecting with your contacts in all three stages of your funnel.

Download FREE eBook Make It Rain (the email bible)

My guest for this episode is email writing and marketing expert Chris Orzechowski, and the timing around the release of this episode is highly relevant as the Australian government finds itself in something of a Mexican standoff with Facebook.

Basically, Canberra wants Facebook to pay for the news it strips and recycles. Facebook have said “I don’t think so” and have started deleting content from any Australian Facebook page that faintly smells like it offers any kind of news.

In fact, today’s email from Chris (and as soon as we met, I signed up to get his daily emails) talks about this and he warns, you can’t build your brand on quicksand which means don’t rely on Facebook or any social platform for that matter to be there tomorrow.

Chris says that’s all the more reason to build solid relationships with great email marketing and I couldn’t agree more.

You are your brand, not some tri-color logo or pretty font. But here’s the critically important thing: Marketing you doesn’t mean talking about you.

Want to write better emails to attract, nurture and convert more contacts?

Right now, you can download Chris’ eBook, Make It Rain for free.

Can I suggest you head over to themakeitrainbook.com and get your copy?

Here are just some of the things Chris shares in his book which is a brilliant read by the way:

  • How to segment your email list properly, so you can send the right offer to the right person at the right time.
  • Why emails with great copy out-convert fancy, HTML emails… every time!
  • How to make your emails stand out from all your competitors… and how to make people fall in love with the emails you send.
  • 3 email campaigns that will work for you every day… even while you sleep!

That URL again is themakeitrainbook.com and that link is ready and waiting for you in the show notes for this episode.

I was keen to pick Chris’ brain about how we can apply his email marketing rules and strategies to real estate being mindful of the attract, nurture and convert stages of the funnel.

In this session I ask Chris;

  • Is email really relevant anymore?
  • If my open rate is below 10% what am I doing wrong?
  • Why does good copy in a ’normal’ email outperform HTML fancy graphics every time?
  • Does he follow a formula? (headline, reinforce/stir up, solve, prove, call-to-action)
  • We’re in real estate land looking to nurture and hopefully keep, existing contacts. How often should we connect and what should we be saying?
  • Email is pointless without a list.  How do we build a list?
  • How important is the subject line?
  • Are open rates better when there’s a question in the subject line and we use our contact’s first name?
  • Does long copy sell? Do people read it?
  • How important is using testimonials in our copy and where should we use them?

Download FREE eBook Make It Rain (the email bible)