TAP 184. How to sell 100 homes a year. An Interview with Krista Mashore

Luck happens when you combine hard work with the right ideas. Here’s the system and strategy you need to sell 100 homes a year

If this is your first time listening, I’m Ray Wood and I partner with marketing savvy real estate agents to attract, nurture and convert leads and show you how to become the local influencer in your real estate market.

If you’ve tuned in before then welcome back and thanks for the opportunity for my guest and I to share our best ideas.

And speaking of guests, you’re about to meet my guest for this week and I think I need to tell you this comes with a warning. That is, a wealth warning because you’re about to hear from a dynamic Californian realtor with a powerful message, that if followed, will win you extra listings and sales.

Krista Mashore’s real estate career spans twenty years. Yes, she’s won all kinds of awards but she’s one of these great energy agents who has figured out the process and adapted to embrace online marketing and reaped the rewards which she now shares with her lucky coaching clients.

And the good news is, she’s more than happy to personally share her ideas and strategies with you in a very popular 5-day free course. You’ll find the link in the show notes and Krista will tell you herself in a moment, but just before we get into it, I’d like to share an important message.

I think I know my people pretty well.

I know you tune in for inspiration, motivation and what’s working for the top agents in our industry.

You’re about to be exposed to some things that may or may not be news to you, but here’s the thing, they work.

Krista might be an elite real estate coach but she’s still listing and selling and can afford to do both because she runs a proven system. So when you hear something that strikes a chord in your thinking, And you can see yourself taking action and doing it, I want you to press pause and write it down in your journal and make it happen. Don’t try and do ten things in ten minutes. It never works. And don’t be overwhelmed. Do one thing, nail it and then come back and do the next thing.

I want to thank Krista for being so free with her success ideas. You’re in for a real treat.

Click this link to join Krista’s Client Conversion Accelerator (it’s a FREE 5 day LIVE course with Krista, you’d be crazy to miss this opportunity)

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