TAP 188. Want to get noticed? A Real Estate Super-Broker Shares His Very Best Ideas. An Interview with Jas Takhar

When today’s guest reached out to see if we could record an episode together, I did my usual thing and Googled him.

Next thing you know I’m down a very cool rabbit hole of podcasts, Youtube shows and marketing innovation where I could tell it was not only going to be fun, but my listeners were in for treat and would learn a whole lot about taking a different approach to real estate success.

When it comes to marketing, I love the idea of sharing awesome content and super helpful information to build my list of friends, contacts and clients.

That one simple concept has served me so well over time. In fact, writing and self-publishing my first edition of How To Sell Your Home For More was the very start of my journey to look at real estate marketing differently and start literally giving away my very best ideas.  And I guess this show is proof that I’m still doing it.

So when my guest, early on in our call starts talking about how he offers sellers advice on how they can sell their own homes themselves, I started to feel some marketing chills and began to realize this guy is a marketing brother who shares the same ideas and beliefs as me.

I call Jas Takhar a super broker. With a team of more than 60 people doing close to 700 deals a year, a business like this becomes its own solar system that reaches beyond the average brokerage to shape and influence a market and the people that buy and sell with them. Along the way, an exciting team picks up on the energy created and that’s where marketing confidence and serious momentum kicks in.

And there’s something Jas gets into today that is not just profound but so often overlooked in the cut and thrust pursuit of real estate success.

He says “The more I just relax and be myself and talk about the things I love, the more I attract the people I want to be with and work with and the more I repel the people I don’t”

You can tell that Jas genuinely treasures his relationships with his partners, his team and his clients.

I have to admit, it’s super empowering to just be yourself and do your best while you’re doing something you love. Not everyone has the courage or vision to walk to the beat of their own drum. When you see it up close, it’s inspirational.

So get ready for a little marketing enlightenment and big dose of killer ideas 🙂

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