TAP. 193. Your best days are ahead of you. An interview with Shane Kempton.

Plenty of people write books offering advice about going after your dreams and living a better life, but how many actually have the scar tissue and history of lessons learned to support these ideals?

How many authors actually possess the real-life experiences to not just talk about the best path to take on the road ahead but inspire and motivate you to take that first step with a solid plan?

Well, I caught up with someone this week who is more than qualified to advise and mentor in the skills of living your best life, success in business, personal fulfillment and happiness.

We’re all very different with different needs, goals, hopes and dreams, but the essential formulas for getting what you want from our time on this earth are solidly entrenched in history.

In his brand new book, former elite soldier and successful real estate professional, Shane Kempton delivers an enthralling collection of amazing stories together with a solid proven plan anyone can implement, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

‘Your best days are ahead of you’ is a brilliantly written life manual you’ll want to read more than once, and I’m tipping there’s probably someone in your life who will benefit from Shane’s ideas and life strategies as well.

I once heard someone say, “you don’t choose a book, a book chooses you” and I have a feeling that Shane’s book has come along at the right time for many people who are searching for that little push, that change or maybe some courage to do what they know deep-down they need to do

Let me read a little from the book’s intro and you’ll see what I mean:

Shane writes:

“My story might be different to yours, but it is also has a common theme. 

Starting out life in a generational rut or feeling like you’re on the back foot is a universal experience and it has provided me with the motivation to try and live a better life.

If you’re reading this book, there’s a good chance you’ve felt stuck in the past, you’re stuck now or you want to change something in your life. 

Or you might be feeling flat and unmotivated because you think your best days are behind you and you’ve had enough of feeling this way.

Good! You’ve got the right book in your hands. 

This book is a practical guide to shift your attention from the good old days of the past, to believing and knowing your best days are ahead of you.

To do that, we have to help you free up your attention, mindset and beliefs about what’s possible.

The good news is this: there’s a set of skills, a Master Life Model and a Blueprint that will help you avoid the slippery slopes and deep trenches of a rut. A set of principles that will get you believing and knowing that your best days are definitely ahead of you.

Even better, this Model and Blueprint comes with a bonus side effect: it’s also a secret map to becoming the best version of you.”

So, I’ve included a link in the shownotes to grab yourself a copy of Shane’s book. In fact, I’m suggesting you grab a few copies and share his ideas with someone in your life who could use some help right now or someone who loves a good story.

Stay with me now for my interview with Shane. We’ve got all that and more, coming right up.

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During my interview with Shane, I reference a Tim Ferris interview with author and athlete Rich Roll about reinventing your life at 30,40 and beyond. Tim and Rich cover a lot of ground here and it’s one of Tim’s more popular episodes. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make lifestyle changes. Listen here

I LOVED this book. Some pretty amazing stories and life lessons that will keep you turning pages until the end. Get your copy now at www.shanekempton.com