TAP 196. The Formula For More Energy, Life and Fun. An interview with Aaron Caville.

We are all time poor these days, especially in real estate where our actual work schedule is never normal. That’s why many busy people are starting to re-think the critically important areas of diet and exercise.


So if we all know and agree that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, what’s the problem?  It seems life gets in the way. We get older, exercising is less enjoyable, why have one glass of red when you can have two and so on.

My guest this week is a Kiwi who has relocated to Tulum on Mexico’s gulf coast.

Aaron Caville is a very fit looking forty-something and comes to life when he starts talking about health and fitness and the special diets he created then tested on himself. He also creates his own food lists for his weight-losing clients around the world.

Personally, I think getting fit and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is all about commitment and sticking to a plan, and that’s where Aaron’s awesome programs come in.

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