TAP 26. Rookie agent does $750,000 in year 1. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

This guy used to sell TVs. Then he quit and now he sells real estate. In his first year he’s earned $750,000 in gross commission. What’s his secret?

Each time I record a podcast, I’m never really sure what the main theme or message will be until it’s over and I’ve listened back to the entire recording.

When I listen back, I make notes and the main point of the message bubbles to the surface and that becomes the name of the episode.

But this interview with Brisbane agent Patrick McKinnon was a little different.

When I finished listening back to my call with Patrick, I had so many themes and ideas.

Here’s a guy who has earned $750,000 in gross commission in his first year in real estate. Quite a stunning accomplishment in an industry famous for churning and burning rookie agents in their first 12 months.

But when you listen to Patrick explain how he did it, there are a number of important contributing factors.

So I listened again, and what came through is what I can only call ‘the hustle’.

The dictionary defines ‘hustle’ a few ways but the definition I like is “to proceed or work rapidly or energetically” which is exactly what Patrick does.

He has quickly learned what to do next and pours everything he has into doing it to the very best of his ability. What comes through loud and clear to me is urgency around the mission and a passion for systems. If something needs doing, do it. If your software is under-performing or out-dated, change it.

If you like this interview with Patrick and want to see him live, he’s a featured speaker at Real Estate RECHARGE on the Gold Coast in a few weeks, which is October 2015

At the time of going live with this interview there are about 50 passes left. So if you’d like to catch Patrick and learn from an impressive list of top agents, send me an email and I’ll get you the link to grab a pass. My email address is ray@bestagentshq.com

Patrick’s Role Definitions and Task Lists
I want to thank Patrick for sending me his summary of role definitions and daily task lists for Buyer Manager, Sales Associate, Assistant and Agent. Click to download in the format of your preference below.



  1. Mark on September 29, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Admire his honesty in a public forum. “I just go to the best buyer tell them the owner wants $x, will you pay it?” Really maximising the Offers Over potential.

  2. Brett on October 7, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    Offers over illegal in SA. It’s also illegal in SA to advertise at $795,000 if they want $830,000 unless minimum on the agency is $795,000.

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