TAP 25. How to build an awesome real estate website. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

The funny thing about real estate websites is that every agent knows they need one, but very few actually build one and even fewer get it right.

Since the birth of the Internet as we know it in the early nineties, the real estate industry has raced to embrace technology, but not everyone has succeeded.

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Even in the last 2 years, technology has shifted so much and what worked in 2012 is totally different now.

The reason why real estate websites are so important is because your potential sellers are deciding on whether or not they will contact you based on not just your site but things like the copy you use, your images and how easy your site is to navigate.

I’m amazed that so many real estate websites make their visitors jump through hoops just to find a phone number.

So many sites invite you to make contact, then make you fill out a form to send a simple email.

Why wouldn’t you want to make it as easy as possible for a potential new client to send you a quick message by hyperlinking your email address so one click throws your email into a send message in their email application?

Or even better, invite them to text you with your number on the front page of your site.

Then there’s search engine optimization and how you’re actually being found online.

I believe right now we’re at the crossroads.

Look at the interrupters that have changed industries in the last few years.

Look at what airbnb is doing to the hotel and accommodation industry or what Uber is doing to taxis.

Is real estate immune from this kind of change? I honestly don’t know but it begs the simple question: Given the massive change that’s happening with online applications and Internet enabled businesses, how can you benefit from this consumer shift to reach more potential clients and connect in better ways?


It’s been an awesome summer. Our little cottage has played host to some great summer parties and entertained a heap of visitors.

A fews weeks ago, Christine and I were delighted to have Brisbane website and wordpress expert Vinny Tortorella stay with us for a few days and I recorded this interview with him because I wanted his opinion as to where we’re heading with real estate websites and share his answers with you.


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