TAP 68. How to Hustle like a real estate rock star. Your Questions Answered. A Podcast for Real Estate Agents

I recently invited agents everywhere to share their challenges. I received more than 100 responses in 24 hours.

In 1975, the late Van McCoy was in New York City to make an album. He composed The Hustle after his music partner watched patrons do a dance known as ‘The Hustle’ in a local nightclub called The Adam’s Apple.

If you were around in the 70s, it was an awesome tune at the height of the disco era.

And if you Google the word Hustle, the noun not the verb you’ll see it means busy movement and activity as in “the hustle and bustle of the big city”

While our friends over at Urban Dictionary prefer to describe it as ‘anything you need to do to make money’

When applied to real estate success, I’m going to say it’s “the consistent and persistent use of one’s own energy to get off one’s butt and connect with your tribe of potential clients by offering valuable information and content”

And if you’re ready for some valuable information and content, I think you’re going to get heaps from this interview. So if you’re not in your car, working out, walking the dog or riding your bike, can I suggest you press pause and grab your Ideas Journal, because there’s some precious metal heading your way.

A couple of months back, I invited my tribe… that would be you guys, to identify your pain points and let me know. I wanted to find out what your biggest challenges are and what’s stopping you from reaching your real estate goals.

In less than 24 hours, more than 100 of you shared your biggest challenges. And by the way, a big thank you for doing so. I can’t run a regular podcast like this without your input and feedback and a highly value your contributions.

As you might have guessed, the majority of pain comes from lack of listings.

There were also plenty of emails about time management, Vendor paid advertising, building team culture and tips for rookie agents so I grouped the most asked questions down to those topics.

Then I reached out to Sydney agent Aaron Shiner and set up a time to discuss the questions and record our answers.

As well as being my business partner for the last 10 years, Aaron is chief mover and shaker at Elliott Shiner, his real estate business in Sydney’s west. In his spare time, he tours Australia and New Zealand to speak with agents and runs a thriving personal coaching business.

In addition to running our personal marketing system business, Bestagents, Aaron and I are also partners with Luke Newton and Iain French at LockedOn. The real estate software CRM.

So I’m sure you’d agree he’s well qualified to speak about hustling and effective time management.

And make sure you look out for some of the killer scripts and ideas Aaron shares in this session.