TAP 133. RE/MAX Super Star Shares Her Best Ideas and Success Secrets. An Interview with Leigh Thomas-Brown. A podcast for Real Estate Agents

You might be familiar with the saying; “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person”

My guest for this episode is a triple-A rated example of someone who lives that mantra.

And by the way, I haven’t edited any colorful prose from this session and I know some of my listeners sometimes have little ears in the back seat so just giving you a heads up.

Leigh Thomas-Brown’s professional trajectory has seen her RE/MAX agency, out of Charlotte NC, go from $5 million in value of annual property sold to $75 million, by sticking closely to a potent success cocktail of discipline, focus, making informed decisions and injecting her own personal brand of infectious, high-revving energy into everything she does.

I’ll warn you right out of the gate that this interview is full of actionable ideas and awesome content including

  • Leigh’s top 3 business-growth success strategies
  • Her best ideas for getting out of a slump
  • The number one business-winning tool most agents ignore and…
  • As your personal business starts to grow, whom you need to hire first.

She’s an author, with a book called ‘The 7 Deadly Sins Of Sales’, a podcaster at (wait for it) CrazyShitInRealEstate.com, a trainer at NoFluffTraining.com and somehow, in this jungle of activity, she’s owner-broker at Leigh Brown & Associates, the RE/MAX Executive Realty Team in Charlotte.

Get ready to lead, follow or get out as we spend the next 20 minutes with a passionate real estate firebrand who sells a home once every 1.3 days

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Charlotte NC ranked #7 in the Top 10 Real Estate Markets in the US for 2018

Charlotte NC ranked #7 in the Top 10 Real Estate Markets in the US for 2018