Check out the letter that got 22 Opinion-Of-Value requests in a week!  Click links below to download the word docs

Download the ‘Price Drive’ Letter word doc (Aust/NZ Edition)
Download the ‘Price Drive’ Letter word doc (Canada/US Edition)

Note:  These letters are amazingly successful but they are just one part of the Price Drive.  Naturally, you will need to ‘tweak’ each letter to suit your area and any local rules/laws you need to observe.  And please keep in mind, marketing campaigns like the Price Drive are designed to attract general property owner contacts as well as ‘now’ sellers.  As I’m sure you’d agree, the contact you make today may well be listing with you this time next year.

I’ve heard some real estate trainers say agents should only focus on immediate sellers.  I don’t agree with this idea at all and think it costs agents lots of extra business.  In my own career I’ve worked hard to nurture many relationships with contacts who never actually sold a property… But boy…  did they refer!!

There are some brilliant real estate CRMs available today that can handle as many contacts as you can throw at them with automated follow up and advanced client care to keep your listing pipeline full to overflowing!

If you listen to my interview with troy, you’ll see how they rolled out their local Price Drive.  RW 🙂

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I really enjoyed chatting with Troy Kincaid last week. But I didn’t expect the little ‘cash bomb’ he dropped on me.

He told me about the “Price Drive” letter he used to get 22 appraisals in a week …and they’re already converting to listings.

You can listen to my interview here and click the link above to download the word doc version. (Many thanks Troy)

Anyone can attend real estate training, but not everyone goes away and takes action.

Troy Kincaid from Richardsons Real Estate in Colac Victoria is the exception.

In a 12 month period, Troy and his business partner Mark Theodore almost doubled gross commission earned from $450,000 to $850,000.

Today, the business has a 41% market share and systems rule.

Their Seller Marketing Investment (The amount sellers pay for advertising in addition to commission) went from $750 to $2600

Their commission strategy allows for a bonus when a sale over the asking price is made… (I’ll let Troy explain in the interview)

Troy makes the valuable point that it’s the little things that help created the big changes.

You’ll notice a dedication to systems, excellence and superb client care.

I believe success leaves clues and there are a number of things Troy mentions that shine a light on his success.

  • They get started at 7am
  • Training and personal development is continual
  • The way they market their properties creates strong buyer competition resulting in 22% of sales made are actually OVER the asking price
  • There is a system for everything that happens when a property goes on the market
  • Their open times are just 20 minutes.
  • All photos are professionally taken
  • Each buyer gets a ‘buyer’s kit’


The dream team. From left, Mark, Heidi, Troy & Karlee

The dream team. From left, Mark, Heidi, Troy & Karlee



The price drive letter.

16th March 2015

Dear Colac Resident,

Over the next two weeks we will be conducting an initiative called the Colac Price Drive. We appraise homes in every street of Colac and release a full report on the values in the area.

The values in Victoria, and in particular Colac, have had varied growth over the last year and we have found that local residents are keen to know the current value of their home. An updated appraisal may allow you to pursue other financial interests, sell (either downsize or upsize) or ensure that your home is adequately insured.

We will be offering our expert opinion on prices of every home in Colac. The appraisal will only take approximately ten minutes of your time.

What will you receive?

  • Detailed ‘comparable market analysis’ of your own property
  • Report on every recorded home sale in Colac over the past six months
  • Plus a free How To Sell Your Home For More book
  • 9 Critical Mistakes for Sellers to Avoid
  • 10 Steps To Prepare Your Home For Sale Checklist

How do you participate?

Contact Mark or Troy on 5232 1800. Alternatively, you can email We will then schedule your home to be appraised at a time that suits you.

Strict confidentiality will be adhered to for each property, and only the total statistics will be revealed. Whether you’re thinking of selling soon, or in ten years, we hope you can participate and we would love to catch up.

Kind regards,


Mark Theodore and Troy Kincaid
The Sales Specialists
HF Richardson Real Estate

P.S.   “If any other agent has a current exclusive agency agreement in relation to this property, please disregard this communication.”



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