TAP. 101 How To Make Your Own Luck. An Interview with Peter Chauncy

Does this ever happen to you?

You’ve just got a listing or just made a sale and you want to get 500 fully customised Just Listed or Just Sold flyers out around your listing or sale.
But there are issues. You have to send it to your graphics guy, who wants 50 or 100 bucks, or the persona in your office who does this stuff is either away or busy.
So you take the easiest way out and do nothing.

Or let’s say you want to drop a gorgeous looking fully customised flyer to promote your Spring Listing Drive but it costs money and takes time.

Or what about a quick flyer drop to 1000 homes around your brand new listing to announce your ‘Neighbours Only’ VIP Open House this coming weekend?

Don’t you think it’s time there was a create-and-print-on-demand web based solution just for agents that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and take days or weeks to produce?

A couple of years ago I started to see if it would be possible to build such a weapon.

As a partner at LockedOn, I knew all about the challenges of hiring developers to write code and create state-of-the-art software. I also knew how expensive it would be. I’m talking hundreds of thousands that can quickly become millions of dollars!

But, I had a burning passion to get an easy-to-use and super affordable design tool in to the hands of agents. In fact, I wanted it to be so easy that if you knew how to post something in Facebook, you could use it.

So I started to think outside the square.

I approached my friend of many years John Banitsiotis whom I consider to be one of the best marketing designers and web masters going around and shared my idea.

However, instead of hiring him to create a full suite of marketing templates and designs, I suggested we partner up and build it together.  But there was only one problem… we needed a developer and fortunately, John knew Just the guy.

Josh Kohlbach was initially reluctant because his programming and development company had too much business already. But John’s a pretty good salesman and after a bit of convincing, Josh came on board and we got busy. Or rather John and Josh got busy while I sat in the back seat constantly asking “Are we there yet?”

My business partner at LockedOn and Bestagents, Aaron Shiner and I had already created hundreds of marketing templates and ideas so Aaron was a natural fit to join the team.

And, just like that, Jigglar was born.

So let me fast forward to this week’s meeting where Josh told us we’re ready for launch in early December.

I have lived and breathed this project from day one and it’s amazing when something so ambitious starts to come together.

I’ve been having a heap of fun playing with the launch version and I’ve made a video which I’ll be posting to the show notes for this episode so you can see what the boys and I have built. Just go to TopAgentsPlaybook.com/101

And if you’d like to be among the very first to sign up for a free account and experience Jigglar for yourself, go to Jigglar.com

During my recent episode with John McGrath he suggested I try to get an interview with a guy called Peter Chauncy.

What you might not know about this podcast is that getting hold of top agents isn’t always easy. They are seriously focussed individuals who are very careful with their time.

So let me define seriously focussed and run Peter’s number by you:

  • A recurring annual GCI of $4 million
  • The Real Estate Institute of NSW Sales Person of the year
  • He comes in at #8 on REB’s list of top agents for the last 12 months
  • He’s #2 in the McGrath network (Only eclipsed by Mat Steinwede for the #1 position)
  • 113 sales in the last year
  • 6000 contacts in his database (that’s a clue) and
  • 70% of his business comes via direct referral

So I’d like to make a suggestion to help you get the most from this episode:

Imagine you and Peter and I are meeting for coffee somewhere near your office and we get to pick Pete’s brain and fully understand the actions and career making ideas behind his success. He’s about to share the essential actions we need to commit to, to put us on a path to mirror his results

We’re literally tapping into his systems and processes but even more than that, he’s going to take off the gloves and give us the unfiltered version of what really needs to happen to help us reach our goals. (listen out for that)

I’m going to do my best to read your mind and ask the questions you’re thinking.

I’m confident you’ll find that the next 30 minutes and 17 seconds can set you up for a great finish to the year and help you plan a killer success blueprint for the coming 12 months.

I’m excited to be releasing this special episode with one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.


Welcome to Jigglar. The Online Marketing Platform for Agents from Ray Wood on Vimeo.