TAP 102. The Real Estate Millionaires Factory. An Interview WITH Luke Anderson

Nope it’s not in Melbourne’s luxury Inner East or Sydney’s North Shore. You might be surprised where this is happening!

Do it yourself, proven real estate marketing is here and it looks and feels like this:

You log in to your account.

Click on a template, might be a just sold flyer, a property auction or for sale flyer or a cool Facebook banner or image post.

Clicking on your template throws it onto your desktop.

To the left are your easy-to use tools like fonts, colors, shapes and images.

Double click on a line of type and change it. Click another tool to instantly change the color theme to your brand.

Next, click save the download and print, or send it off to our preferred printer.

And guess what, you’ve just cut out the middle-man and saved yourself a fortune in essential regular design costs and perhaps more importantly you’ve saved time.

If you can drive your Facebook page, you can drive Jigglar. The creative marketing tool for agents.

I have to say I’m guilty.

About once a week I get an email from a listener telling me the big figures many agents share on the show are all about the value of the properties they sell.

And that’s sometime true.

After all, an agent’s fee for service on a sale for $2 million might be around $50,000. A couple of those bad boys every month is going to make you well over $1 million in GCI a year.

It’s just not realistic the emails say. Our average selling price is under $300,000 and our population is less than 100,000.

Your big city agents don’t know my world. Nobody in a regional centre is making anything like that!

So could it be…  I wondered?

I reached out business partner Aaron Shiner to see if any regional Centre agents were kicking goals or scoring tries… and he didn’t hesitate.

(traffic noise) So let’s leave the traffic and car horns of the big city behind…

Let’s cross the Sydney Harbour bridge and head north for a couple of hours up the Pacific Motorway.

But instead of making a right and heading back to the coast into Newcastle, we’re going left and inland. Into the Hunter Valley.

Welcome to East Maitland NSW. Population 70,000. I counted 16 real estate businesses but there might be more. So there’s obviously turnover and it’s obviously competitive.

But there one that stands out.

On the main drag, Newcastle St, just across the road from the local Toyota dealership is PRD Nationwide Hunter Valley.

Their average selling price is less than $300,000 but get this; There are 6 on the team and the average annual GCI is $800,000!

In the last year they’ve made 650 sales or more than 50 a month!!

Could this be it?

Could this be the mythical country centre where the agents are making the big city money?

Could this possibly be the podcast episode I’d been searching for to answer my email critics?

I had to find out what the heck was going on!

One thing I’ve found almost universally doing this show for the last couple of years is that top agents and business owners are more than happy to share their success.

They seem to get the whole what goes around comes around philosophy and the co owner of PRD Nationwide in East Maitland is no exception.

I’ll let Luke Anderson tell his story because it’s a good one.

I want to say a big thanks to Luke for sharing his success and the good news is that next time we do a gig in Sydney, I want to get Luke on stage and dig a little deeper to hear more of this impressive story.