TAP 108. 8 Awesome Facebook Live Tips. An Interview with Sean Cannell (Part 1)

If you want REAL influence in your area, you need to put yourself out there. If you don’t that’s cool, but don’t complain you’re invisible in a very crowded market!

Facebook LIVE marketing has 3 things you’re going to love… It’s powerful, it’s fun and it’s free!   Are you ready to meet the next big thing in tech marketing?  Don’t stress! Take me by the hand and I’ll walk you though it.

Last year I spoke to so many agents about their marketing options and in particular how they can best go about leveraging technology.

It’s pretty easy to understand why so many agents are confused with so many tech marketing options available creating just as many questions… like;

  • Should I have a personal website
  • Do I need a blog?
  • What about video
  • Is Instagram important?
  • Do I need LinkedIn?
  • Do I use my personal Facebook page or create a business page and what’s the difference?
  • Does FB advertising work or should I just boost my post?

…and what about Facebook Live?

(Okay I can here you screaming…) “Ray, you can’t be serious! There are only so many hours in the day. Where am I going to find time to get all this done?”

Okay… so let me simplify this.

I genuinely believe (and I think I’ve provided ample evidence right here on the show) that EVERY agent needs a platform.

So what’s a platform?

A platform is your marketing stage.  It’s that one single media content star  around which, all your other marketing planets revolve.

Could be a youtube video channel like Scott Lachmond’s from Caboolture. And for more info on that and some very good marketing advice from a rising star, check out TopAgentsPlaybook.com/53 for my interview with Scott.

Could be a regular blog that generates more than 2000 unique website visits a day like Toronto’s Melanie Piche… and for my interview with Mel, check out TopAgentsPlaybook.com/41

Or it could be a website that generates leads all day and helps you build your database of contacts.

There are so many options for so little cost.

And here’s the thing:  When you create content, think podcast, video or blog, it’s there for good.

When you write an article about selling an apartment in inner Melbourne and use the right key words and key word phrases that get picked up in a Google search, it’s working for you 24 hours a day. And by the way, that’s basically free marketing!

When you shoot a video and upload it to youtube and vimeo, again, using the right key words, it never sleeps. And by the way, that’s free too.

This show is a good example. It’s my one platform that I pour all of my efforts into. I work to create actionable content to help you grow your brand, win more listings and make more sales.

As a result, I engage thousands of real estate professionals each month. I build relationships by giving away free content. I research the best free content by identifying the pain points and challenges that agents face every day.

As a result, many agents make the decision to work with me in one of my group or private coaching programs, sign up for a free trial with LockedOn or Jigglar or become a Bestagents member.

In fact, my first Mastermind Group for 2018 kicked off yesterday and the 7 of us brainstormed some pretty awesome marketing ideas and strategies that I believe will help each member of the group increase their numbers, grow their personal brand and boost market share in the next 90 days.

And by the way, if you’d like to be included when the next group starts, please email me so I can put you on the priority wait list.

So speaking of Youtube, last year they found themselves in competition with a major player in the video space. Yep…Facebook!

By 2019, it’s expected that video will represent at least 80% of all consumer-based Internet traffic… and if I was competing for the hearts and minds of sellers in real estate land, that’s a stat I want a piece of.

I found today’s guest the way I find many rising tech and marketing stars for the show…with a youtube search.

If you run a youtube search for ‘Facebook Live Tips’ today’s guest comes up first… and with good reason. This video is rapidly rising to a qtr of a million views making him a youtube superstar.

So who is this guy?

He runs a company out of Las Vegas called Think Media and is rapidly becoming the an authority thought leader in the digital marketing space.

His simple 8 word positioning statement and elevator pitch says it all… HELPING YOU BUILD INLFUENCE WITH ONLINE VIDEO. Love that.

If you’ve signed up for a Jigglar account, this means that we’ll soon be offering multi page templates you can customize in minutes.

At Jigglar, we HATE contracts so you can quit anytime but why not see what al the fuss is about and join up today.  In fact if you use promo code 24HRDEAL you get your first month for free! Like I said, no strings attached and no contacts.

Just head over to Jigglar.com

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my interview with Sean.

I’ll be back next week with part 2.

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Until next week, wherever you are and whoever you’re doing, dream big and take names.

Take care everybody!

Here are Sean’s Links, free course + excellent tips and ideas to get you started!

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