TAP 111. 30 Top Tech Tools For Real Estate Agents. An Interview with Danny Wood

This episode includes the video of my interview with Dan. It’s kinda visual so you’ll probably want to scroll down and check it out.

This episode is a little different.My guest and I are going to update you on the very latest technology agents are using to grow their brand and increase market share.

This week I teamed up with a very tech savvy friend of mine, Dan Wood (no relation) Apart from being a tech guru, Dan is also a top agent here in Toronto and he’s going to  guide us through the maze of tech options for real estate professionals.

Let’s keep in mind that the tech savvy real estate buyers and sellers in your market are looking for a tech savvy agent. Also, the best technology is there to help you achieve more with less, not burden you with extra things to do, pay for and worry about.

When I listened back to the list of tech ideas, apps and products Dan mentions during this episode, I can see the obvious applications to real estate businesses everywhere.

There is a fair bit of visual content so I recorded our interview and that video is in the show notes too

Here are just some of the cool ideas we get into and, as you’ll hear, many are actually free!

We look at an app that lets you build free lead pages.. (these used to cost hundreds of dollars)

The best website to outsource almost anything and find a great VA or 3

A free app that lets you save passwords

How to Send a personal video message to a client from your phone or email

An awesome application that let’s you edit photos to say de-clutter a messy rented apartment

An app that sends gifts and cards automatically

A very effective time blocking sheet to help you plan and get the most from your day

Some very cool checklists for agents

A free screen recording tool that lets you make a video of your screen and send it off

How to get amazing stock photos for free or very cheap

How to get free music without copyright restrictions in almost any genre to purt behind your videos

An app that makes amazing animated videos

A free app that lets you share your screen with someone else

An app that lets you do a mass voice broadcast… and much more

In fact, if you can think of some marketing feature you’d like to add into y0ur business, it’s probably on this list.


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